The mysteries of the chamber of kings

I started looking for information to verify and date the “Pollita Negra” and write an article here about it. What I ended up discovering is something more interesting, at least I think so.

We are all familiar with the Great Pyramid of Giza, the pretty and beautiful structure that contained the remains of Pharaoh Khufu. Well, one thing that is not so well known is the mysterious conditions within the Chamber of Kings. Many famous people have had interesting events while living alone on camera. Names such as Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Aleister Crowley, and Paul Burton appear regularly when describing the incidents. The design of the pyramid As you can see, the Chamber of the Kings is located beyond the Grand Gallery and above the Chamber of the Queens and the Underground Chamber. With Relief Chambers on top. It is located in the heart of the pyramid and is the main attraction of the place.

Napoleon’s secret

Napoleon ventured into the Pyramid after the “Battle of the Pyramids” in July 1798. While inside the pyramid, he wandered to the King’s Chamber, where he spent some time alone. It is not mentioned how long we are not told and why he wanted to be alone. What we do know for sure is that in leaving the pyramids, his fellow associates noted that Napoleon was wrong. He looked shocked and distraught.

They kept asking him what had happened and if anything “Mysterious” had happened while he was in the Chamber of Kings. Napoleon most likely feared that they would not believe him or, better still, that they would consider him crazy, he replied “without comment.” For years the subject was not touched upon until on his deathbed, his friend at his side asked Napoleon what had happened that day in the House of Kings. As soon as he started to tell her, he stopped, saying “it was no use, now you wouldn’t believe me.”

What did Napoleon see that day? We never know, there are people and references that point to hints and thoughts that he may have seen what his destiny was. Others believe in more elaborate suggestions, but the truth is that we will never know now.

Alexander the great

No text is found that has proof that Alexander the Great spent the night or visited the pyramids of Giza, it was assumed due to the popularity of the pyramids that he would have done so … yes, when I found out about this, I was myself a little angry …

Aleister crowley

Crowley spends time in the chamber of kings on the honeymoon of his marriage to Rose Kelley. During the night, he wanted to impress his wife and show his strength in magic. Here is an excerpt from his autobiography.

The King’s Chamber glowed like the light of the brightest tropical moon. The pitiful, dirty yellow flame of the candle was like blasphemy, and I blew it out. The astral light remained throughout the invocation and for some time afterward, though decreased in intensity as we got ready for sleep. Otherwise, the floor of the King’s Chamber is particularly uncompromising. When sleeping on rocks, one can always more or less accommodate local irregularities, but the King’s Chamber reminded me of Brand; and I must confess to having had a very uncomfortable night. I fear that my flirtation had corrupted my Roman virtue. In the morning the astral light had completely disappeared and the only sound was the fluttering of bats. ” Interestingly, shortly after, Rose was in a trance and ordered Crowley to meet Aiwass and receive the new AEON book … making a longer story.

Scientific ideas

Many scientists have thought that granite construction would retain residual energy and possibly even be used as a radio receiver. That said, they have also discovered radioactive material beneath the queen’s chamber. Those two combined may inadvertently be the cause of the mysteries … we may never know for sure, I wish to take a trip and do some research and studies myself. One day I hope to have the opportunity.

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