Can I find your jerky subscription in different spice levels?

Can I find your jerky subscription in different spice levels?

Whether you’re dabbling in spice or an experienced heat lover, this subscription is for you. This artisan assortment is sure to turn up the flavor and bring the heat.

Add a personal gift note at checkout and we’ll send it to the recipient in their box, along with an email letting them know who sent it. A great gift for any occasion.

Spice Levels

JerkyGent delivers a curated assortment of unique jerky each month, including flavors like aloha teriyaki, mango habanero, spicy barbecue and sriracha honey. Their boxes range in size from two to eight bags, all sourced from the United States.

They also feature small-batch jerky brands they find at local farmer’s markets and other venues. Their sriracha honey and smoked truffle beef jerky are favorites among Mouth customers.

For a beer-loving jerky lover, consider their Beer Infused Jerky Box, which features six different brands of infused jerky from small-batch artisan makers. It’s a one-time purchase that doesn’t renew, but it would make a unique gift for a dad, husband or brother.

The Inferno Beef Jerky Box takes spice levels to the next level, ranging from sizzling habanero to mouth-burning Carolina Reaper peppers. The tongue-tickling treats are delivered in a striking branded box, making them perfect for gifting to the jerky-loving guy in your life. This is a one-time purchase that won’t automatically renew.


Curious meat-lovers get a taste of small-town artisan craft jerky with our curated subscription options. From two bags of premium jerky delivered monthly to eight mouthwatering packages each month, there’s a jerky subscription for everyone.

For those who love a good kick, our spicy beef jerky box is just for you. With a jalapeno, serrano, habanero, and even Carolina Reaper pepper variety to choose from, this jerky box is the ultimate spicy treat for hot and spice lovers.

A great gift for any occasion, this jerky subscription box is sure to surprise and delight every month. When you give it as a gift, you have the option to add your own personal gift note during checkout. We’ll print your note and email your recipient to let them know who sent them this delicious package of jerky goodness. The perfect way to show them how much you care.


Keep the pantry, fridge, glove box and pants pockets stocked with premium jerky without having to make near-constant trips to the store. Just choose the frequency that works best for your schedule and we’ll send you or your giftee a monthly shipment of mouthwatering jerky.

If you’re a jerky snob or just curious about craft jerky, this is the subscription for you. This curated selection of handcrafted small batch jerky will introduce you to amazing new flavors from artisan producers around the country.

A perfect choice for the spicy food lover or brave eater, this box is filled with flavorful jerky that’s sure to turn your taste buds up to 11. Add a personalized gift note at checkout and we’ll include it in their package along with an email letting them know who sent the treat. This is a great gift for Dad, Husband, Boyfriend, Brother or any jerky enthusiast.

Subscription Options

Keep your cupboards, glove boxes, and pants pockets stocked with the best in jerky with a jerky subscription. Elevate your snacking experience and support local artisanal producers with an ongoing delivery of delicious beef jerky straight to your door.

You can choose the frequency of your shipment, and swap out flavors if you aren’t crazy about the ones you’re getting. If you’re giving a subscription as a gift, you can add your own personalized note to the package.

If you’re looking for something with a bit of kick, check out the Inferno Box from Club Jerky. This subscription sends a mix of two bags each month with either beef, turkey or game meats or a combination.

Curious meat-lovers can try the LOLJerky subscription, which curates small-batch jerky from hard-to-find brands. This subscription is a fun choice for the adventurous eater who enjoys trying different flavors, and it makes a unique and useful gift.

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