French Online for Kids: How Kids Can Learn French Online Easily

French is a beautiful language and has traditionally been learned by children at school in many English-speaking countries. French is one of the most difficult foreign languages ​​to learn for adults or children, however, with the use of certain techniques, children may find it a little easier to learn.

The following example shows a simple method for memorizing French words. This is called the linking word technique, a kind of memory memorization method that can be used to learn any new language. The advantage of the linking word technique is how French words are linked to an English word by using matching sounds between the words.

As you read the following example, try to imagine that you are standing right where the example takes place. Keep the keywords in capital letters in your mind and try to remember the details. Think about it several times and let it sink in until you can remember it without reading it.

English word = chicken

French word = chicken

Visualize a CHICKEN explaining to a giant PULLEY how it wants to be lifted into the air.

Of course, this is a silly scenario, but it makes your mind remember the words permanently. It doesn’t even have to be exact. Focus on the sounds created by pronouncing the French words, as this is the key to the linking word technique.

This is just one technique that can be used to teach French to children and it can help children learn to speak the beautiful French language with relative ease.

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