The latest generation of laser labels

Laser Tag is a game of skill and precision. In laser tag, the goal is to hit someone else’s targets (strategically placed on your body) with your laser (infrared light). Most of the time, guns are used to shoot someone’s vest. When shooting in certain locations, the shooter will earn points. Occasionally (in big games), there are teams. Each team will have a ‘base’. When players from opposing teams hit the base with their laser, that team is turned off for a period of time. When the vest is struck, the weapon is unable to fire for a period of time, allowing it to continue firing.


The United States Army was the first to use a series of laser combat training pistols. These guns work the same as normal laser tag guns. It was known as the ‘MILES’ system and allowed for intense training skills in the military. Some combat training is still used today. A man named Carter invented the first arena-type laser game. Surprisingly, he came up with the idea after watching the movie ‘Star Wars’. In 1986, Laser Tag was revealed as a home game. Laser tag toys were being bought more than any other game or toy at the time. Toys are still being made and loved by children around the world. Sand games are popular with adults and children, and are played for recreational purposes.

Equipment and arenas

There are indoor and outdoor equipment for laser labels. When playing indoors in an arena, the laser is visible through the use of fog. A series of vests and weapons are assigned to all players to experience the entirety of the game. For an indoor arena to function properly, the necessary materials must be understood. It requires a large area with many things to hide behind. A smoke machine and black lights are also necessary. Scoring devices are also required to be in the arena. On the other hand, an outdoor arena needs higher powered laser guns and targeting devices.

One of the newer laser tag systems is ‘Lawn Warfare: Light Strike’. These weapons are available for purchase in three different types; additional accessories and customizable features make this a highly desired pistol. This gun is primarily used for personal use in the home. Proper settings are necessary for both indoor and outdoor areas. Black lights, as well as smoke machines, are not necessary for playing outside. Basic weapons and vests are required for any type of game. There are places of business exclusively for the adventure of the laser game. Many paintball fields also have laser tags for younger players who cannot paint. For a small fee, players can play in a lively atmosphere.

The latest generation of laser guns is Wowwee’s Light Strike series. Light Strike pistols have many new features that normal laser tags do not have. Each of the 6 different weapons has 4-6 different types of ammunition built in depending on whether it is a pistol or a rifle. Each weapon has a built-in health meter that shows your health and once your health is depleted you have to “respawn” by pressing two buttons simultaneously.

Each type of ammo has a unique fire sound, reload sound, and fire / reload time. There is a shield button that lasts 15 seconds and reduces incoming shots by 50% damage that can be used once every 2-3 minutes. Each Light Strike pistol has a volume button and a headphone jack that allows gamers to be stealthy because when headphones are plugged in, the gun’s external speaker is muted.

Each weapon can be in one of 4 possible teams and is determined by the color selection on the pistol. Additionally, there is a fire mode button that enables single shot or 3 round burst mode. A special objective allows for unique game types like capture the flag and more.

The laser tag is a unique experience full of emotion, strategy and suspense. A certain skill is acquired in continuous play, and new weapons are always arriving in the world of laser tags.

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