The keys to choosing a bathroom cabinet

With the improvement of living conditions, the bathroom cabinet, as one of the most popular bathroom accessories in these years, has emerged in the daily life of many families. Compared with ordinary furniture, the bathroom cabinet has unique characteristics and special requirements due to the particularity of its space and function. Customers should be aware of those situations before purchase.


Bathroom cabinet materials can be classified into surface material and base material. The base material is the main body of a bathroom cabinet covered by the surface material.

Common materials for the surface include natural stone, artificial stone, fireproof board, baking varnish, glass, metal, solid wood, etc. At present, the main base material for bathroom cabinet is thin waterproof board. Customers may depend on personal financial skills and preferences to choose bathroom cabinet material, meanwhile, they should understand whether the material is economical, and open the door and drawer to check whether there is a pungent smell.

oil paint

There is a saying that paint is more important than wood work in the furniture industry. It is obvious that the handmade painting is vital for the products. A high-quality bathroom cabinet is brushed with organic oil, normally on its surface and inside. To judge whether the paint crafts are acceptable, you can check whether the touching part is shiny, whether the filler has apparent color shading, whether the surface has defects of sagging, brush marks and peeling, whether the paint film is uniform and thick and if the boundaries between paint of different colors are different.


Hardware accessories are also important components of bathroom cabinets, which affect the quality and service life of the whole set. Since the cabinet door will be opened thousands of times, the quality of the hinge is very important. You can use a gentle force to open the door if the quality is good, and the door can automatically bounce when the angle is 15 degrees and the resilience force is well balanced.

Whether a cabinet drawer can push and pull smoothly, how far the drawer can move, how is the supporting power, whether the drawer will tip over, depends on the quality of the slides. During picking, you can pull out the drawer and press it lightly hard to check whether the drawer is loose, cracked or rolling.

In addition, customers need to know if all hardware configurations are moisture resistant so that they can ensure the cabinet’s lifespan is long enough.

dam proof

Usually, the space of a home bathroom is not that big, so it is difficult to realize a wet-dry partition. Therefore, if the moisture resistance of the bathroom cabinet turns out to be poor, it is easy for the products inside to become moldy and breed bacteria.

At present, the materials for bathroom cabinet are stone, glass, metal, ceramic, solid wood, planks, PVC, etc., among which solid wood and planks perform poorly in moisture resistance. . Oak wood is perfect for making cabinets, but the price is much higher. Customers can choose fire-retardant boards, wear-resistant boards, high-polymer boards, and other hybrids as cabinet surface materials.

Since the material is covered after treatment and it is difficult to distinguish the real material, customers may require sellers to provide certification in case of being deceived.


Bathroom cabinets can be divided into floor type and wall hung type from the appearance of the structure. Customers can choose cabinets based on bathroom space and personal traditions. For the common family, the wall-hung type is the best choice, as customers can make full use of the limited space and effectively isolate the moisture from the ground. In addition, it is convenient for the wall-hung type to clean sanitary corners, but there is a limitation to its bearing power. The dry-wet partition spacious bathrooms are suitable for the floor type, because it has more storage space and its bearing power is stronger than the wall-hung type. However, the type of flooring is easy to get wet and requires a better material to resist moisture.

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