Life healing energy with crystals

For years, many people used crystals in jewelry for their cutting beauty. Crystal healing is considered by many to be a pseudoscientific alternative medicine technique that employs stones and crystals for healing, but it is an ancient practice dating back at least 6,000 years. The Romans used crystals as talismans to promote good health and provide protection in battle. Roman and Greek physicians mixed crystals with plant extracts, heated them, and used them medicinally. The ancient Egyptians believed that these stones had the power to restore health and would also bury their dead with a quartz crystal, which they believed would guide their loved one safely to the afterlife. The Chinese used them to promote healing, enlightenment, and the attraction of desires.

Today, healers, shamans, and priests use crystals for their specific healing properties. I always had a fascination for stones and crystals, but that was all I never got, until I was introduced to crystals and their healing abilities at a Mind, Body and Spirit Festival. Because crystals vibrate with the energy of the earth, they can help you align your body with the energy of the earth. With these crystals, now you too can vibrate to the highest energy: Energy of the Earth! This is where the healing begins. By using crystals and tuning in to their energy, you are clearing blocks within yourself that will enhance your own natural healing powers. Most don’t realize it, but our bodies were designed to naturally self-correct and heal themselves. But as life goes on, we sometimes forget to stop and take care of ourselves so often that our bodies get out of sync with that healing process, ultimately creating blockages in our mental and physical bodies.

Any blockage within your life force is what causes aches, pains, and even illnesses to manifest in the physical body. It is for this reason that I now wear crystals every day to strength in a particular area of ​​my life, for healing that is necessary that day, for personal meditation and clarity, or by I use in my Reiki practice to induce love and light while chakra cleansing and cleansing. Reiki, as an alternative healing modality, in its simplest translation is Universal Life Force. It is the practice of channeling the universal vital energy in a particular pattern to heal and harmonize the physical and mental body and each of our Chakras, which receives, assimilates and transmits the physical, emotional and spiritual energy that flows through our bodies. There is a cleansing technique that I use, as well as a different specific crystal for each Chakra to remove each and every blockage in that area. This clears the way for life force energy to flow to and through you to keep mind, body and spirit in their divine state of perfect health. If we keep our mind, body and spirit vibrating with a high frequency of love and healing energy, we do not allow aches, pains, and illnesses to manifest and settle in the physical body.

This is just a brief overview of Chakra healing with crystals. Each crystal has its own unique healing property and a specific Chakra that it resonates with due to its color. Our first Chakra, which is the Root Chakra, deals with grounding, and primarily vibrates and can be cured with Red, Brown or Black Crystals such as Red Garnet, Hematite, and Black Tourmaline. Our second Chakra, the Sacral Chakra, which deals with the abdomen and pleasure centers, can be harmonized primarily with Orange Crystals, such as Carnelian, Amber and Orange Calcite. The third chakra, which is the solar plexus chakra, which deals with the digestive system and personal power, resonates and can be cured with yellow crystals such as yellow citrine and sunstone. The fourth chakra, the heart chakra, deals with the heart, lungs, and love. The Heart Chakra vibrates in a healing way with all green or pink crystals, such as rose quartz, jade or green aventurine. The fifth Chakra, the Throat Chakra, deals with communication and resonates with Blue Crystals such as Blue Agate, Sodalite or Sapphire. The 6th Chakra, the Third Eye Chakra, which deals with intuition and knowledge, vibrates at a healing level with Violet Crystals such as Amethyst, Lolita and Flourite. The 7th Chakra, the Crown Chakra, which deals with the Central Nervous System and the Divine, resonates best with White or Purple Crystals such as Selenite, Clear Quartz, or Amethyst.

Personally, I have been using Crystals for my own healing for quite some time, but since I started using crystals for healing, I have had some phenomenal success stories, some of which are near and dear to my heart. The first success story is that of my husband, who underwent rotator cuff surgery. This, from what many people have told me, is the most painful surgery you can have. This is definitely an issue with a long time to heal as you have only regained about three quarters of your movement in that area without pain so far in the last 5 months. Initially, I would do Reiki while we were sitting and relaxing and at the end of each day. Then I inserted a carnelian ball into the picture and what he explained to me while using the healing ball was quite amazing. The carnelian ball brought him incredible warmth, almost like a hot stone everywhere it touched him, helping him relax and heal the muscles that had been cut and manipulated during surgery, relieving pain like a stone massage. hot.

The second success story is also close and dear to me, since it has to do with my sister. My sister Deneen has lupus, which is essentially an inflammatory disease in which her body’s immune system attacks her own tissues and organs. From what I hear and see what is happening, it is a very painful disease and the doctors just throw different drugs at it as trial and error until they find a drug that works. Well, you are still in a stage of your illness where you don’t know which medicine works to relieve the pain you suffer from every day. I have done Reiki healing on her numerous times in the past, which has relieved the pain enough to calm me down, but it wasn’t until I started Crystal Healing Therapy that she had sustained pain relief. I used several different Crystals to Cleanse and Cleanse her Chakra, but I also asked her to wear a Reiki Loaded Hematite bracelet for a few hours a day. A few weeks have passed and she reported that she hasn’t had a really bad day of pain since.

My third success story in just a few weeks has to do with someone who has degenerative disc disease, which is pain in the lower back or neck due to a compromised disc in the spine. While there is a mildly genetic cause of this disease, it is mainly caused by normal wear and tear or some type of trauma to the body. With this type of illness, there is usually constant, usually mild, initial pain. It also involves mild to severe episodes of back or neck pain that can generally last from a few days to a few months and can be debilitating during that time, before the person returns to what they consider to be their norm in the pain department. Rachael had been suffering from degenerative disc disease for many years when she came to see me. I helped her with the healing energy of Reiki and a carnelian ball, which she used to treat lower back problems. After those two things, I used Hematite on her which, for her, was like the Bella from the dance. As soon as the hematite stones made contact with the skin on her lower back, she reported that the pain dissipated almost immediately and stayed as long as the hematite remained on her back. I then instructed her to continue this practice on her own while she was not with me and to clean the hematite with a selenite stone so that all the negativity and toxins that the hematite absorbed from her were removed before returning them to the lower part of the body. the back. again.

So despite the documented use of healing crystals by many of our ancestors, some still discredit the use of these stones in conjunction with other forms of alternative medicine. There are not many studies that prove or even disprove the power of alternative forms of medications such as crystal healing, acupuncture, Reiki, or even yoga as a healing for the mind, body, and spirit. This does not mean that these healing practices are not effective. It simply means that the money is not being spent on what some consider a “New Age” cure; that same healing therapy that is actually healing as old as time. Also, despite the lack of research on these types of healing methods, still about a third of Americans use these or other forms of alternative medicine. This is not to say that Crystal Healing Therapy is a cure for everyone. You still need to seek help and medical attention from your doctors, but as you can see in these three very different problems and illnesses from the previous cases, the Crystal Healing Stones really do serve to amplify each and every healing effort; Whether you have emotional wounds, a specific physical illness, or simply need to increase your energy levels, you can use crystals to vibrate with the same frequencies of Earth energy and reactivate your body’s healing capabilities.

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