General facts about diving for children and beginners

Diving is a fun and exciting activity that everyone can enjoy, even children! If you are a parent with a child interested in diving, or you are an adult interested in the activity, read on for more information.

The essential

The first thing to know is that SCUBA is an acronym for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. To dive, a person must use a number of pieces of diving equipment. The following are the basic elements necessary for a safe experience.

– Mask: a mask provides the means to obtain a clear view of everything that resides below the surface of the water.

– Tank – An oxygen tank is essential for diving, since it is required to stay underwater for long periods of time and at great depths.

– Gauges and watch – Properly working gauges and a watch help ensure that a dive is the proper length and that divers have enough oxygen to safely return to the surface.

– Fins: Swimming fins help to manipulate the water much better than swimming without them. They also help with speed.

– Wetsuit: A wetsuit is another essential piece of equipment, as the water can get very cold depending on the depth of the dive. A wetsuit can also protect the diver from possible irritations when coming into contact with plants and sea creatures.

Security advice

Before attempting to dive at their favorite watering hole, be it in a deep lake or the ocean, kids and beginners should learn some safety tips and rules.

Get informed: Before diving into the pool for water lessons, it’s important to learn the basics of scuba diving. That includes reading your equipment and knowing what is and what is not an acceptable dive depth. Being certified is a fundamental step.

Get a physical exam – Good health is essential. People with heart or breathing problems should not risk their lives if their doctor prohibits them from diving.

Diving with a buddy – One of the most important things new divers learn is never to dive alone. In the event of equipment failure or other unexpected accidents, having a dive buddy can mean the difference between a fun dive and a tragedy.

Breathe: when people make mistakes, what they do is hold their breath. When you are underwater, breathe normally with your breathing apparatus.

Check Equipment – Before any dive, check that all of your equipment is working and that you have enough oxygen in your tank.

Scuba diving is a fun activity that both children and adults can enjoy. By learning some of the activity basics and safety tips, everyone who enters the water should have a safe and fun experience.

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