Law Firm Practice SEO – Specific Sites

Once you’ve conquered the search engines, by getting your site to the top for your targeted keywords, the next step is to expand your law firm’s SEO strategies.

Don’t think that just because your site “ranks” your law firm’s search engine optimization is over.

Now is the time to consider creating practice-specific sites that target a particular area of ​​law that you practice.

This strategy implies the creation of additional sites specific to the different areas of law in which he practices.

When implemented correctly, it can broaden your reach and increase your space in the first search engine results.

When creating these sites, it’s important to note that the sites cannot be replicas of your parent site. This is definitely frowned upon by search engines and can subject your site to penalties. It will certainly work to devalue your efforts.

These specific practice sites must be able to demonstrate value on their own. For example, if your main site only covers a few basics of personal injury law, your personal injury law microsite should go much deeper into the topic. In general, when using this SEO technique for law firms, you want to make sure that you are thinking about the same conversion aspects that you would have on your main site (i.e. contact form, white papers, and calls to action).

Once your practice-specific site is up and running, you’ll gain exposure to more potential clients on the web. Your website footprint will grow and your business will rank for more keywords or even more places for the same keyword.

You may be wondering: Why am I not adding new content to my main site? Is Google dealing with this? What are the costs involved? Should I link from my main site to the microsite? Is it better to have a blog or a microsite?

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