Discover the secret behind the chronic beauty of Poly Blend plants

Artificial outdoor plants such as artificial flowers, artificial bushes and artificial grass are designed to add accents and beauty to every corner of the house (patio, terrace, windows, living room, etc.). They are the perfect long-lasting alternatives for plants that cannot live in places where sunlight and water are not enough. These foliages do not require complete maintenance (watering, trimming, pruning and fertilization), unlike real plants. Since they are seasonal, real plants need to be cared for so that you can maintain the refreshing and exotic characteristics of the flowers. However, what made the fake plants live for a long period of time without fading or changing the color of the pigments? How did they survive the scorching heat of the sun and leave a chronic appearance for over a year?

Garden lovers can put their outdoor artificial plants in hanging baskets, planters and planters for a decorative and aesthetic look. Like any other business, they are manufacturing real silk artificial flowers or plants that will likely fade in a short period of time when exposed to the sun and other elements. But there are other outdoor applications that can be exposed to the heat of the sun since they are made of a high-quality material called polyethylene.

Polyethylene is the most popular and widely used plastic in the production of artificial products such as flowers, trees, shrubs, tall grasses, ferns, junipers and huge hedges. Because it is becoming more popular every day, homeowners choose to use these fake plants to decorate their home. Mainly, this element is a thermoplastic polymer consisting of long chains of the monomer ethylene instead of actual plants. Additionally, polyethylene falls into various classifications generally based on its mass or density and branching (replacing a substitute, eg, hydrogen, atom, and graft copolymer). This product also contains chemical elements which are carbon and hydrogen.

Now artificial geraniums are used in some Las Vegas hotels; outdoor-rated artificial azaleas, bougainvillea and sprengerii are being decorated in some private homes in Miami; false hedges are being used as a “living wall” in some shopping malls and water parks in the United States; artificial outdoor vines are the best outdoor applications for balconies and terraces; and the artificial bushes can be delivered without pots so you can arrange them yourself. If you want to ask for valuable suggestions and useful tips for both interior and exterior decoration of your home or center, you can always ask the design consultants. It’s simple and easy!

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