Choosing a glasswasher

Choosing a glass washer for your restaurant or commercial kitchen can be very tricky. There are so many glass washers on the market that unless you are a specialist engineer you may not be sure what to look for and which one to buy. This guide should walk you through the options and ensure you get the right machine for the job.

plastic parts

This is probably the most important thing you want to avoid. With Chinese-made parts and cheap machines saturating the market, many glasswashers will have plastic rinse arms, pipes, and jets. Unfortunately, these machines are not designed to stand the test of time. Manufacturers that include plastic parts want to increase sales volumes by lowering prices, and when the machine breaks down, they sell you a replacement. Plastic components are cheaper to make but cannot withstand the pressure and temperatures inside a glasswasher and within a few years will crack, disintegrate and crumble rendering the machine useless. Avoid plastic at all costs.

stainless steel

The best machines available on the market use stainless steel inside and out to offer a truly strong and durable machine. Stainless steel, unlike plastic, can withstand stress, pressure, and heat. Although it is a more expensive material, over the life of the machine, the necessary service calls, replacement parts and repair work will be much less frequent and you will save money in the long run. Stainless steel also has additional benefits as it won’t allow scale to build up as easily as plastic. The points to take into account are the washing arms, the pumps, the spouts, the filters and the stainless steel plugs.


Check with the manufacturer or the person you are buying the glass washer from. As a general rule, a machine that is a true quality machine will be backed by warranty. Unlike some manufacturers, those who supply glass washers with a 3 year warranty or sometimes even longer will want their machine to last and stand the test of time. They are not in the game of selling you one machine and then selling you another when it breaks like those manufacturers who offer 1 or 2 year warranties. A machine should last a decade and if the manufacturer doesn’t back it with a warranty, it probably won’t.

For glasswashers I would always suggest a MACH glasswasher as these general rules of the trade apply. Learn more about mach glasswashers here.

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