Xbox 360 Red Light Error 3 – Fix Deadly Red Rings of Death – Saved

Xbox 360 is a video game console that is capable of playing many multimedia games on it. The specialty of the Xbox 360 is that its hardware capabilities are comparable to that of a personal computer. The Xbox 360 hardware function is similar to the function of a PC motherboard and the only difference is that these devices are used especially for gaming. The Xbox 360 is a product of Microsoft Corporation. Previously, Microsoft introduced the regular Xbox in the market and then the Xbox 360 appeared in the year 2005. The Xbox 360 is an advanced one with rich set of features as compared to the regular Xbox. When it was introduced to the market, the Xbox 360 was rated as the best console on the market when compared to competing product such as Sony’s PlayStation 2 and Nintendo’s Wii.


Recently, many users have been complaining about hardware failure. The main complaint is about the console overheating and the frequent appearance of the red light in the power ring area. The power ring is nothing more than a ring made up of LED lights surrounding the power button that glows green and red to inform users of the hardware status.


The problem of the red light on the power ring is found to be the overheating of the motherboard. As a result, the graphics processing unit overheats, which can lead to console failure. Although there are many red light errors, they are simple errors and can be easily resolved as all error messages are user friendly and point out exactly where the error occurred. But, in case of three red lights error, it is very difficult to find where the error has occurred. The Three Red Lights error is also popularly known as the “Red Rings of Death” or RRoD.


The only possible way to resolve the three red lights error is by providing additional cooling to the consoles hardware. Although the intercoolers are present, they themselves cause the problem of overheating by means of a large power supply through the circuits of the motherboard and damage the components of the chip. Now, by removing the X-clamps from the motherboard, we can provide sufficient cooling from the external environment, and thus the internal temperature is greatly reduced.

We can do this method ourselves using simple tools and no sophisticated tools are required to do the repair work. To make the repair work much easier, there are some video tutorials available on the internet with which you can repair your console very easily in just an hour. This method of console repair is cheaper and saves time compared to delivering the console to the service center which will take 4-8 weeks. Also, they will not repair modified consoles at any cost.

Removing the X-clamps is one way to repair the console. There are many ways in which the console can be repaired. For example, the red light error occurs even due to poor connections. You can fix this by making the connections instead. Your console may also be experiencing minor problems like this that do not require a lot of experience and time to repair your console. These techniques are also well explained in the repair videos.

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