The AudioFormz ENVYLVL1 Stereo Top For 2022-Current

AudioFormz ENVYLVL1 Stereo

If you are looking for the best way to splurge on your next new to you ride, the AudioFormz ENVYLVL1 Stereo Top is the way to go. For starters, you get a full suite of features, from LED lighting to a nifty gizmo-adoodum gizmo. Using a two wire hookup, it will take you 30 minutes to install, tops. And the best part is, it can be slapped on the same day! As with all things AudioFormz, you can expect top of the line workmanship, quality and a warranty that’s good for life.

Also, there’s no need to assemble the whole shebang yourself, as the company offers its own branded installers. Lastly, a top-notch techie will be on hand for any questions you might have. A AudioFormz seasoned pro will be able to swoon you with an impressive demo in no time flat. This swag is not for the squeamish, however, as it’s designed to work with your factory accessories, no muss no fuss. All the better, you’ll look snazzy in the process!

Luckily, it comes with a price tag that won’t eat a hole in your pocket. Aside from its oh-so-familiar warranty, you’ll also get a full a la carte menu of options, including a free set of lights, courtesy of the AudioFormz. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering, as evidenced by their long-standing reputation for producing the best audio components in the business.

The AudioFormz ENVYLVL1 Stereo Top For 2022-Current

The Can-Am Maverick X3 is an off-road machine that can go like stink. It’s a beast of a vehicle that provides good handling in rough terrain, prodigious acceleration in high range, and smooth delivery. However, it can be a pain in the pants to maintain control.

Fortunately, Rockford has developed a first-of-its-kind off-road tune that will deliver a great listening experience. With a custom-designed front speaker enclosure, the company’s M0-65B six-1/2-inch speakers are loaded with fiber-reinforced composite blend for optimum performance. They’re also equipped with a high-fidelity digital media receiver, a 400-watt amplifier, Bluetooth, and multi-colored RGB LED accent lighting.

While this isn’t the first time Rockford has engineered an off-road tune for a Can-Am Maverick, it is the first time the company has made it available for the X3. As the brand’s first-ever off-road tune, it’s a great way to get the most out of your X3’s audio system.

In addition to the stage-one audio upgrade kit, Rockford has six other packages designed for different Maverick X3 models. Each one includes a variety of parts and pieces designed to fit the X3 without modification. All of the systems are Element Ready, which means they’ll work with standard mounting hardware.

One of the more exciting features on the Can-Am X3 is the Smart-Lok front differential. This differential features four electronically controlled automatic modes to provide maximum traction in all conditions.

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