life keeps rolling

Life goes on and the positive sides are everyone’s goal.. No matter what happens and believe it or not, there are no negative thoughts that can be suppressed to get these feelings. It seems that all of us sooner or later have to deal with a lot of changes that are fun, really hard, sad, happy and can be hard too. However, something must be added to color the life we ​​endure. We either sacrifice or just let ourselves go and pick up the pieces later.

Well, then I had to let out a very deep sigh, Correct!

Thank you, because life is good to me in everything that matters.

I think the good parts always lead, a kind of giving back to things that were once given to others.

That is why we had to do all the good deeds in the future so as not to receive bad consequences much later.

Just be nice, be charming, and be nice to others in a way that we like others to do the same to us.

Everyday life moves towards the pattern of life we ​​create.

Last morning, every morning and this morning…

Today, this morning…

I read some comments, messages and tags.

Do I have the option to get involved again?

To that genre that entangled my veins.

No heart, no cry will ever catch me again.

To the world of love and dreams, so cheer up.

Today, this moment… I felt my heart cry and yearn.

For the beautiful scenes that passed my time.

She missed the tantrums, an acquired temptation.

I remember but I dare not direct?

Maneuver my life that is so clear, never.

Today, this time…

Everything turned out great.

There were no candles burning when we dined.

It hurts so deeply that my heart did not cry in vain.

Why so ruthless my nights were stabbed.

It brought holes and I lost in my life with pain.

And least of all my happiness turned sharp.

Today I promise again…

No, no more… I’ll survive and stop.

Waiting for someone to kiss me and let go…

They hold out their hands in tender so real.

To make my hearts live and tremble and busy.


Forgive me for not talking about giving.

Do not return loves and submit.

Nothing friends if friendship understanding.

The true heart and feelings will surely be worth the wait.

In the future…

life keeps rolling

beyond expectations

can be found

the joy of life every time we win

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