How to plan your corporate event

Corporate events can be great opportunities to impress existing clients and win new ones. It’s important to remember that just because it’s an occasion doesn’t mean it has to be stiff, formal, and boring. There are many professional ways you can bring fun to your events, which is crucial if you really want to make sure your guests get a good impression of your company. Examples of what you could do to make it more interesting are renting photo booths for corporate events, organizing live entertainment, and making sure the person hosting and speaking directly to all guests in a charismatic and personable way. Having a booth with a photographic mirror also gives you a great example of good public relations.

After the event is over, you can take all the photos taken in that photo mirror booth and post them on your social media pages. This will show your followers that your company knows how to reach your clientele and entertain them. The context in which you will use these photos will vary from business to business, as the type of business you are conducting will determine what is appropriate and what is not.

A company that sells clothes could, for example, post these images on their Facebook and Instagram pages by subtitling them with something like “VIP guest having fun at our latest event.” If the person in the image is quite influential or recognizable, even better; Consider including photo booth time in your entertainment artist pay package. This is just one example of how the entertainment factor of your corporate event can be used to your advantage. Renting photo booths for corporate events is just one of the many strategies you can use.

Chances are, if your event is fun enough, people will post their own photos on social media too. A good way to get this free publicity is to make sure there is something to take pictures with. A one-time decoration or photo contest can be enough to get hundreds of people to post and tag your business in their social media posts, giving you free exposure.

Without a doubt, you can make a fun and professional corporate event. However, many people who organize their first show are afraid to do this, as they have the incorrect assumption that a corporate event should always be formal and etiquette. Depending on your company culture, there is a lot of leeway. If employees only have to come to work informally, it doesn’t make sense for your corporate event to mimic the Wall Street dress code.

Gala events can be done well, but they have to fit the type of company you are and entertainment cannot be lacking either. Try to find a balance between fun and professional when planning your next corporate event. Make sure you have a competent team working with you as well.

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