How to Create a Successful Facebook Ad

To create a successful Facebook ad campaign, it is important to follow some kind of structure so that nothing important is missed. Remember that even experienced pilots use a checklist to make sure they don’t forget anything that is necessary.

You’re not in charge of 300 souls, but you still want to use a checklist to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Define your PVU

A unique selling point or a unique selling proposition is what sets you apart from others that may be in the same market as you. It is important that you define it yourself.

Know who your audience is

Who wants what you have to offer? Who needs your solutions? You need to know this in order to properly segment your audience, not to mention creating better products and services.

Choose representative images

When choosing images, it is important to choose a few that are eye-catching, but are also representative of the tone, image, and market you want to represent.

Develop ad titles

Write different ad titles based on the audience you want to attract. You can have multiple subsegments of your audience that will respond to headlines in different ways.

Write your ad text

Based on your USP, headlines, goals, and images, write the ad copy that you want your audience to click on. Space is limited and you want it to be properly configured.

Make different combos

When running your advertisements, it is important to do various combinations of advertisements. You don’t want to run just one type of ad, you want to choose different combinations so you can see which one works best.

Your audience segment

The segments you choose will delve into the different audiences you have and also help you better define your audience. You can segment by age, target groups, locations, and even specific people.

Determine which formats

You can choose market ads, post ads, sponsored stories, and also Facebook objects. These types of ads offer different benefits determined by your goals, so the type of ad you choose will largely depend on what your goals are.

Choose your bid strategy

Whether you choose PPC or CPM, it will make a difference. When new, it is recommended that you choose CPM to maximize your budget and get a better ROI.

Set your budget

How much are you willing to pay based on your bidding strategy? You can set a daily budget that you can easily pause and restart while checking the results.

Try everything

You can’t be sure if your campaigns are working if you’re not testing everything.

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