Critical thinking: if someone is psychic, does that mean they are self-aware?

There are people in the world who have the ability to capture information about others without using their five senses. It is then as if a part of them is tuned into the field or energy of another person and shortly after this, their conscious mind becomes aware of this information.

A good connection

If someone were to use this information, it could be said that they have a good connection to this part of themselves. The reason for this is that even if someone has this ability, it does not mean that they will pay attention to this information.

Therefore, one person could be in tune with this part of themselves and use the information that has been given to them, and another person could be unaware of what is knocking on their door, so to speak. There are likely several reasons why someone would listen and someone else would not.

Various factors

When someone has a good connection with their body, it will be much easier for them to do this; whereas if your attention were generally on your head, this would not be the case. This boils down to the fact that your mind is likely to discard anything that cannot be proven.

In this sense, the mind is like a scientist and the body is like a sage: the mind needs to find out, but the body just knows. The kinds of messages someone received growing up can also have an impact.

Positive feedback

For example, if one shared their views with their parents when they were growing up and their parents gave them positive feedback, it would have given them validation that they needed to continue to develop this connection. If, on the other hand, they were criticized or even abused for being that way, this may have prevented them from doing this.

Feeling that there was something wrong with them for being like this may have caused them to no longer pay attention to this information. However, it may have slowed its development.

Another perspective

Having said all this, there are some people who believe that everyone on the planet has this ability. With this in mind, someone is either going to be in tune with this part of themselves or they are not.

However, there is a big difference between someone who gets some information from time to time and someone who is collecting information more or less all the time. This is the difference between knowing a few words in a foreign language and being able to speak fluently.

One step further

Now, a person’s ability to effortlessly gather information could have a great effect on their life. They may find that it allows them to make better decisions and that it generally prevents them from ending up with the wrong people.

In addition to this, they can offer their services to others, which means that they could offer readings, for example. This can be something they do on a regular basis or it could happen from time to time.

An experience

The connection one has could allow them to lead a fulfilling life; one that is filled with strong connections to others and a life full of meaning. Along with this connection, they can also have a strong connection to what is happening within them.

Then you will be in tune with your own emotions and have a healthy relationship with them. What this will do is make it easier for them to define how they will behave, feel good about themselves, and attract emotionally healthy people, among other things.

Another experience

There is also the possibility that someone like that will live a life full of pain and suffering. Then you will have the ability to lead others, but your own life will be a disaster.

So it can be difficult to understand why someone like that would experience life this way. One way of looking at this would be that while one can be born with this ability, developing self-awareness and healing emotional pain takes time and effort.

Diving in

One can live on the surface of oneself and not have to get in touch with how he feels on a deeper level, while at the same time collecting all kinds of ideas. Carrying all of this baggage within them is likely to make it difficult for them to listen to this guide.

For example, one might feel that the person they have met is not going to be good for them, but it could still end them. What is happening on an emotional level will nullify this ability, and one is bound to pay the price over time.


What is happening on an emotional level and what they believe about themselves will need to be analyzed. Once they begin to get in touch with what is happening on a deeper level and to work on it, it will be much easier for them to listen to themselves.

However, as your inner world has changed, you will know that you will attract or be attracted to the same people. There will also be the effect this has on their ability to behave as they want.


If someone can relate to this and wants to change their life, they may need to seek outside support. This can be done with the help of a therapist or healer.

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