How Social Media Can Help Your Business

I get a lot of questions from different people about “How can all these things from social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Squidoo, Digg, YouTube, Blogs help me?”

So let’s define social media first, with Wikipedia’s definition: social media is a form of internet marketing that seeks to achieve brand communication and marketing goals through participation in various social media, including content writing. which is remarkable, unique and newsworthy. Lastly, social media uses social media and user-generated content platforms to promote a product, service, or content.

That being said … the necessary tools for social media are bookmarks, blogs, forums, podcasts, networks, communities, wikis. Important and versatile sites are places like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Myspace, Digg, Stumbleupon, and Squidoo.

The number one point to remember is this

.. Because social media marketing is so easy to implement and so affordable, it is of great importance to small businesses.

So where do I start?

By far, Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn, and Facebook were the top four social media tools used by marketers, with Twitter leading the way. All other social media tools paled in comparison to these top four. Download the Social Media Marketing Industry Report.

How do I measure the effectiveness of social media??

A significant 81% of all marketers indicated that their social media efforts have generated exposure for their business. Check out the Social Media Marketing Report. Improved traffic and list growth was the second big benefit, followed by the creation of new partnerships. An increase in search engine ranking is also an obvious increase, as well as a reduction in your marketing overhead. Now that is good news … if you are not involved in Social Media Marketing … then it is the TIME!

StartupNation has a valid point when it says that many small businesses have not taken advantage of the opportunities of social media marketing.

If that’s you, talk to an internet marketing consultant or find out how social media marketing can help you. It would be beneficial to you and your company.

Last year, in February, an article appeared in “Social media will change your business”

It’s a good read with great links for blogging. One of the paragraphs talks about “grabbing you by the neck and shaking you into action” and that was written LAST YEAR! In general, there is important information for both beginners and veterans. The story of the Google employee who was fired is one of them … because it shows how fast social media can work.

Another way that social media can help your business is by customer relationship.

As a business, you would be interested in creating a dialogue, benefiting from direct and immediate feedback, and learning directly from your customers about what has been successful and what areas need focus and improvement. Sharing content is the real power and advantage of using social media. Businesses can keep their online community up-to-date with news, events, and what the business has to offer.

Ezine @rticles has great ideas on blogging, relationship marketing, voice of the customer, and social marketing. Customer Voice is huge this year, which is where Twitter or blogging has been the most efficient.

Customers want a voice in your business … give you feedback.

Relational marketing

It is also a leader in 2009 as a tool to build loyalty, along with a timely response, or you can have a blog and a Twitter account since all of these have customer interaction. These also allow you to create a personality for your business, as well as develop an image as a forward-thinking and responsive company. Responses include Twitter, a Facebook response, sending a personal card, a thank you card, and a quick thinking card. A top-of-the-line online card system that is extremely affordable and saves you time and effort is SendoutCards. The fastest and most affordable relationship marketing tool online with over 13,000 cards available along with giveaways and gift cards. You write it, print it, fill it out, stamp it, and mail it. Can’t beat that deal!

Facebook for business!..

Yes, you read that correctly … Facebook for business is very real … read this article: Facebook’s latest design update helps businesses some of the text says “With the latest evolution, Facebook makes its service more valuable for the companies”.

Here’s another good one to check out: 30+ Apps for Doing Business on Facebook Excellent read from Mashable The Social Media Guide.

What is LinkedIn? and why should it be a part of that?

If you are a small Internet business or a traditional business, “meeting” the right people and being able to ask and answer questions important to your business will help you build your network. Someone you know in your line of business is already on LinkedIn. You just need to set up a profile, start introducing yourself, join groups and discussions, start discussions with any questions, or answer discussions with your expertise in your area. What a wonderful way to go beyond the limits of time and travel with another like-minded person who is able to discuss important things, answer questions, all in a few lines.

I never heard of a Squidoo lens prior to?

A Squidoo lens is a free web page that tells you what you’re interested in … it could be as simple as a recipe if you’re a restaurant, or as complex as taking the perfect photo. Along with links to anywhere you want, you can join groups, be a lens master, create as many pages as you like, and spread the word.

StumbleUpon … great name … what does he do?

Is that how it works. Install the toolbar, identify some categories you like on the web, then hit the Stumble button. The service takes you to a web page that is popular with people who share your interests. You have the option of giving that page a thumbs up, a thumbs down, or just leaving it by pressing the Stumble button again. Over time, the service learns what you like and integrates it into the decisions you make by sending you to a new place when you press the button. If you are a small business with great content, submit that content to Stumbleupon. When these people do finally go shopping, they will do so in their local area and most will use Google to do so. Yes, you will stand out with a Stumbler in this sea of ​​10. Try it … you will be surprised!

What has social media done for me?

I really enjoy meeting new people, creating new relationships, networking with people with similar interests, and using the tools available to generate opportunities and provide information to help others. As a business owner, I have enjoyed the benefits of social media, it is a simple approach with countless possibilities. I also enjoy presenting this knowledge for others to use as it would benefit them by building relationships with other like-minded companies and entrepreneurs, as well as keeping their customer base informed about products, generating better customer relationships and service.

Social media has opened a completely new door for both companies and individuals.

Social networks are the solution for your business … have you already joined?

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