Things you don’t know about the footwear industry in China

The unfavorable factors now facing the footwear industry in China

More cost for labor

The rise in RMB

The price of raw material continues to rise

Foreign antidumping charges

United States subprime mortgage

The competition of the “Red Sea” within the shoe manufacturers themselves

Footwear exports slow down

Guangdong, a province in southern China, exported 490 million pairs of shoes in January and February 2008, valued at US$1.59 billion, down 27.5% and 0.6% from a year earlier, citing customs statistics. .

From September 2007, Guangdong’s footwear export started to fall, 18.5% year-on-year in November of the year and 20.3% and 35.7% in January and February 2008. In addition, in the In the first two months, the number of shoe exporters in the delta dropped 1,855 year-over-year to 1,512, due to a rising renminbi, the US subprime crisis and a rise in China’s labor cost.

China has 40,000 shoe manufacturing plants with an annual output of 6.5 billion pairs, accounting for 20 percent of the world total. However, 85 percent of them are low- and mid-range products. Experts suggest that the development of China’s footwear industry should be based on fashion culture and advanced management concepts, transforming the industrial strategy from simple manufacturing to brand promotion. Half of the country’s shoe production originates from Guangdong province in southern China, but most shoe factories are small in scale and use simple manufacturing processes without much added value.

Four Footwear Industry Manufacturer Bases in China

Guangdong Province

The closure of many factories is the price that must be paid for the transformation of the industry

Jingjiang city in Fujian province

Who will laugh at last? The “red sea” competition condition for sports shoes in the 2008 Olympic Games is becoming more and more fierce.

Jiangsu Province

Brand cultivation and promotion is the core.

Make technological innovations and take the initiative with technologies.

In recent years, the footwear industry in Jinjiang has been paying attention to making more investments in improving technology and encouraging innovations in terms of new technologies, new materials, and new crafts. However, the footwear industry in Jinjiang only takes the lead in terms of manufacturing equipment, but the technological innovation level is still low, research and development is still quite weak, high-level talents and software and hardware are still lacking. relevant, there is not enough production capacity of premium products, and it is still far behind the international advanced level in new product studies in terms of conveniences and functions.

2008 Dongguan China Shoes – China Shoetec

This UFI sanctioned event is supported by the footwear industry. China Chamber of Commerce for R/E of Light Industrial Products and Handicrafts (CCCLA), Hong Kong Footwear Association, Taiwan Footwear Manufacturers Association, Dongguan Footwear and Leather Association have confirmed that they will host pavilions exhibition in the spring of 2008 and will bring the brand new exhibitors, allowing footwear manufacturers and traders to enjoy the rewards that China Shoes âEUR¢ China Shoetec will bring. At the same time, foreign buyers express great interest in visiting the exhibition and show their gratitude to the organizers for providing suppliers with good quality sources. The fair is expected to attract some 25,000 buyers from home and abroad.

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The influence of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games on the scientific and technological content of the sports shoe product. Nowadays, the stream of products with the same quality is more and more serious, which can stay ahead of the technology and distinguish excellent and suitable product for customers, who will be favorites. In addition, sports shoe manufacturers need to improve professional ability, while being included with athletic sports requirements, through cost reduction to supply cheap gym shoe products per person.

Compared with booming markets such as Vietnam and India, experts said China still has advantages in terms of cheap energy and water supplies, excellent infrastructure and integrated industry.

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