Protect Your Sleep: A Petition to Support Women’s Basketball

Women’s basketball belongs to a genre of its own, like a rare species or a precious gem found in the rough. The sport in general is growing, as is its fan base. New top-tier talent including: star phenomenon Candace Parker, Sylvia Fowles, and former Stanford standout Candace Wiggins, to name a few, is one of the main reasons the fan base is growing. However, women’s basketball is not at a point where it can sell itself like the NBA does. Women’s basketball is a sport that will need continued support and exposure to thrive and survive. It vitally begs and needs constant intros, like a DJ’s debut album. It’s about life support, support for men, women, and children, financial support, emotional support, anything and everything.

The WNBA is the face and headliner of women’s basketball. The WNBA is a league that operates 4 1/2 months a year. For the other 7 1/2 months of the year, league play is stagnant. This is when women’s basketball needs an extra “voice” or pulse to keep it from disappearing from the minds and thoughts of the world. Right now, something means everything.

Franchises come and go in the WNBA a lot. The strategic location of the WNBA franchises does not seem to matter anymore. Franchises seem to be dismantled as soon as they take off. Where is the safety for the women who play the game for love, for the hard working men and women in the front office, for the owners who take the time and resources to create a place or entity where dreams can be fulfilled ?

This article is intended for anyone who takes a few minutes out of their schedule to listen, read, socialize, watch, learn, and appreciate women’s basketball. The dreams and achievements of young women and girls around the world deserve a place where their dreams can be manifested. Women’s basketball is a sport that can really succeed if given the right amount of support and attention.

You can protect a girl’s or woman’s sleep by supporting women’s basketball by attending women’s basketball games and spreading the word about your athletes. Now is the time to help take a league to new heights, help propel a young woman or girl to her potential, and help a dream soar.

Women’s basketball is the record and I’m just the dj

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