Do Maui Fire Lawyers Handle Cases Involving Injuries From Wildfires?

Do Maui Fire Lawyers Handle Cases Involving Injuries

A fire ravaged the town of Lahaina, Hawaii, on August 8, 2018, devastating homes and businesses. It caused loss of life and destroyed historic structures. The smoke and ash have contaminated the air, threatening people with long-term health problems. Many of the people who survived the fires are still suffering from property damage and economic losses. They need financial compensation to rebuild their lives.

A Maui fire lawyers could help them get the money they deserve. They will also hold the responsible parties accountable for their negligence, which may have contributed to the wildfires. The plaintiff lawyers working on this case are experienced in handling large lawsuits against major corporations. They will seek full compensation for their clients’ losses and damages.

Several law firms have dispatched representatives to Maui in the wake of the devastating fires to sign up potential clients. These firms include Watts Guerra, Singleton Schreiber and Frantz Law Group. These plaintiff attorneys previously represented fire victims in the California lawsuit against PG&E, which ultimately settled for $13.5 billion.

Do Maui Fire Lawyers Handle Cases Involving Injuries From Wildfires?

They will use their experience to guide Maui residents in their efforts to obtain fair compensation for their losses. A Maui fire attorney can help them understand their options and file a claim for financial damages, including lost income and property. They will also fight to ensure that insurance companies compensate them for their losses.

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The first wrongful death lawsuit against Hawaiian Electric in relation to the Maui fires was filed last week. It accuses the company of failing to maintain its electrical equipment and that it led to a deadly fire that swept through the city of Lahaina. There will likely be many more wrongful death lawsuits filed in the coming weeks and months.

While the cause of the fires in Maui is still under investigation, experts are pointing to damaged utility power lines as the possible source of ignition. Witnesses have reported that fires started when the lines collapsed due to high winds. In addition, experts say that HECO could have done more to prevent the fires by properly maintaining its equipment and removing combustible vegetation.

In the meantime, a class-action suit against HECO has been filed by LippSmith LLP and Foley Bezek Behle & Curtis LLP on behalf of residents in the affected area. The lawsuit alleges that the fires were caused by a combination of factors, including dry conditions and combustible vegetation, but it also blames HECO for not adequately protecting its equipment or providing adequate warnings.

Catastrophic wildfire litigation takes years and requires specialized knowledge of the subject matter. These types of lawsuits are often complex, involve numerous expert witnesses and require extensive research. Starn O’Toole Marcus & Fisher is proud to partner with two other powerhouse firms on the West Coast who have successfully tried such cases in the past against public utilities that are responsible for catastrophic wildfires: Stoll Berne PC and Keller Rohrback LLP. These firms will provide invaluable support to our team of top-rated trial lawyers.

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