When he tells you to call him – what he wants

Those two words, “call me,” can fuck with your head. If you like the guy, of course you want to believe that this means that he is interested in you and he really wants you to call him. You may be thinking that he wants you to call him so he can make an appointment. Call me is what guys usually say when they finish a conversation. It’s pretty much the same as talking to you later or seeing you around. It’s usually said casually and you can bet if a guy says this, it doesn’t pique his interest. Then what do you do? Should you call a guy if he asks you?

When a boy says call meIt usually means that he might find you attractive and if you call he can talk to you, but it’s not something a guy would say to a girl that he’s really interested in. If a guy is really interested, he won’t ask you to call him, he will call you. The only exception to this is if you’ve been dating for a while and he asks you to call him. However, if you just met or started dating, he is far from hooked on you yet.

Many women take this “call me” literally. They get hooked and start calling the guy. This makes them the ones to chase. It tells the guy that you are much more interested in him than he is in you. She sees a woman ready to put on her bridal crown and often this causes her to break contact and run for the hills.

When a guy says call me, what he usually wants from you isn’t much. He can live with or without your call. If you call, you’ll be like a girl in the background. That’s what the guys do with the girls they call for the most part. They don’t see them as a challenge and no challenge means that you will more than likely not be girlfriend material.

If a guy really wants to meet you, he’ll be the one to call, he won’t ask you to call him. When a guy tells you to call him, the best thing to do is not to. Let him wonder why you don’t like him so much. This makes you more challenging and more attractive in his eyes. Less is more when it comes to calling men.

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