Types of pot holders

Can you imagine a kitchen without handles? Or have you ever wondered how you can cook, take something out of the oven, or transfer a hot pot from one place to another without these things? The practicality of these kitchen items should not be underestimated or taken for granted. Because cooking without burning will be impossible. Every kitchen should have handles. There are many types available that you can buy from any store, but whatever type you prefer to use, they serve the same purpose. These items will allow you to handle hot items in the kitchen safely, preventing your hands and arms from being seriously burned.

There are several ways to classify potholders. The classification can be based on the type of material they are made from, such as cotton or linen, etc. The shape (round, oblong or mitten for your oven) can also be considered, as well as its purpose when placing it in your kitchen (for actual use or decoration). All of these combined, you can have the following types of handles:

  1. Printed by machine. This is the simplest type, made of ordinary cloth and wadding. You can do it yourself with your hands, but if you plan to produce in large quantities for sale, it is recommended that you have knowledge of operating a sewing machine to save time.
  2. Embroidery. As the name suggests, these handles They are embroidered by hand or machine. This type makes ideal gifts for weddings and any other occasion. If embroidery is one of your favorite hobbies, you can make these items yourself, although you can find them in shopping malls.
  3. Hand painted. To do this type, you must possess a little skill in painting. If you prefer, find some ready-made items made from simple materials and paint the surface with a fabric paint and brush. You can choose from many available paint colors and also from various designs.
  4. Woven by hand. You can easily do this by getting a loom kit. The loom kit has all the materials you need to make this type, including the metal loom, good quality, colorful ties, and two loom hooks. Through this loom kit, both adults and children can weave.

Some people have two sets of pot holders in their kitchens. One is intended for practical use and the other set is simply hung in the kitchen as a decoration. The handles intended for their use are usually made of cotton. Cotton materials are widely preferred over other types due to their absorbent and heat-resistant quality. Add to this the durability that you can use it for a long period of time. And the colors do not fade easily even after several washes. However, if you want to put them in your kitchen to decorate, you can use other types of materials that will serve the purpose. Satin material would be ideal, and the embroidered type will provide a nice decoration.

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