Tips for choosing the best granite countertops

When choosing granite countertops, it’s important to visit a few showrooms and see the colors and designs in person. Granite slabs may look gray from a distance, but on closer inspection, you may find patches of coral colors. It’s hard to really tell the true color and pattern of a magazine ad or website. Some granite suppliers will give you or sell you small sample pieces of the granite you might be considering. You can take them home and see which ones work best with your home d├ęcor.

There are times when you will need more than one granite slab (if the area is more than 10 feet long). A highly experienced granite installer will be able to join two pieces where the seams are barely visible; However, pattern consistency is key. For a little more money, you can order granite slabs that are mined from the same mine and have the same “lot number.” This can ensure a greater similarity in grain, pattern, and color.

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When it comes to choosing the best granite countertop, price is often a key factor to consider, but after doing your research, you may find a fairly wide range of prices. There are many reasons for this. Thickness, color, and pattern will affect prices, but rarity is the most expensive factor. If you want a specific type of granite quarried in Italy, expect to pay top dollar. You can also choose from several edge treatments: beveled, rounded, half rounded, and others. Custom cuts, sealing and finishing will also add to the price.

Installation is another area where you’ll find a wide range of prices. A new company or an installer just starting out or someone who needs work right now may be able to offer you a cheaper installation quote. Be sure to ask if everything is included or not. Those expensive add-ons and surprise charges can make your final bill higher than if you hired an experienced installer.

Your geographic location will also have an impact on pricing. Let’s be honest! Everything is more expensive in areas like New York City and Los Angeles. Buying directly from a stone yard can save money, but then you have to worry about shipping costs.

Tips for choosing granite
It would be great if we could all afford an interior designer, but most budgets don’t allow for that. However, you can use some common sense tips that will give you beautiful results. Consider the color of your room, including the color and style of the cabinets. You want to install granite countertops that will bring out the best in your kitchen or bathroom while minimizing the negatives.

Darker granite colors tend to add richness to a room if the cabinets are also darker. If your room doesn’t have many windows or a good source of light, consider lighter shades with fewer streaks and patterns. A simple design that is light in color will brighten up the room.

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