The Effects of Toilets on the Feng Shui of Your Home

Bathrooms need special treatment to have good feng shui. On the one hand, water symbolizes prosperity in feng shui, but too much water leads to stagnation, dampness, and poor health. On the other hand, all that water has to be drained, and the action of draining creates a very bad drain of energy and prosperity. The toilet is the worst offender.

All the drains in your bathroom drain good energy, but because the toilet is such a large opening, it absorbs most of the bathroom’s energy. To minimize this, keep the toilet lid on when not in use, especially when you’re flushing the chain. Having the toilet lid open while flushing is throwing all your money away.

The other thing you need to do is block the power from entering the bathroom in the first place. This means keeping the bathroom door closed. Some feng shui experts are so insistent on this that they recommend putting up a cat door for clients who have to keep the cat box in the bathroom and therefore must allow their pet access to the bathroom at all times. But that door needs to be kept closed, feng shui experts believe, so they advise clients to put up a pet door so that at least the energy has a smaller door to pass through.

Another way to prevent chi from entering the bathroom in the first place is to place a large mirror on the outside of the bathroom door. A small mirror is not enough: to really reflect chi, you need a full-length mirror. This is especially important if the bathroom is at the end of a hallway, near stairs, or near the main entrance to your home. Blocking the flow of all that incoming chi will prevent it from being sucked down the toilet and will also cause it to slow down and redistribute itself throughout the rest of the house.

Keep mirrors inside the bathroom away from the toilet. You don’t want the toilet to be reflected in any mirrors. They will simply duplicate the flushing action of the toilet.

If possible, block the view of the toilet from the bathroom door. If you have to put up a silk curtain because your bathroom is tight on space, that’s fine. Silk is better than other types of fabrics, especially synthetics, but if you have no choice, cotton is still better than a synthetic curtain because it is a natural material. A green curtain or striped curtain will also evoke the energy of trees to help absorb excess water and moisture in the bathroom. If you have more space, put a bookcase or chest between the door and the toilet. Putting a plant that grows upwards (as opposed to a vine, which would grow downwards) will help add some upward tree energy that will also counteract the downward flush of the toilet.

Finally, while the draining toilet should be kept as far away from other energy in your house as possible, it is extremely important that the toilet is in good working order. A regularly clogged toilet symbolizes the suppression of something that needs to be fixed. So keep the toilet clean and clear. In fact, pumping out the septic tank could also be a great way to flush out a lot of old, stuck energy.

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