Pediatric nebulizer

A nebulizer turns the liquid medicine into a vapor so that it travels easily to the lungs. A nebulizer delivers the medicine directly to the lungs and is given to patients with asthma or other patients with breathing problems. Today, nebulizers are often used at home as directed by the doctor. For babies with certain respiratory conditions, infant nebulizers are used to deliver medications.

In this article, we will show you how to use an infant nebulizer at home.

  • What you will need are a baby nebulizer, a prescription, and a chair.
  • First of all, you need to properly assemble the infant nebulizer. Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions while assembling the parts. After you have assembled the nebulizer, bring the nebulizer and medicine close enough to the chair so that you can reach it when you are seated.
  • Now sit in your most comfortable position and cradle your baby in your arms. Make sure they are comfortable in your arms because they are more likely to tolerate the infant nebulizer procedure, if they are comfortable.
  • The next step is to pour the medicine into the cup of the baby nebulizer. Then dilute with normal saline if your doctor has prescribed the same.
  • Now carefully place the mask and fix it on the baby’s face. If you express irritation due to the strap, you can hold the mask close to your face to get the desired effect.
  • The last thing to do is turn on the infant nebulizer to begin delivering the medicine. The treatment lasts five to ten minutes and when the mist stops, you need to understand that the treatment is complete. Turn off the nebulizer when the medicine is fully delivered.
  • If your child is expressing too much irritation to the nebulizer, don’t force it. Instead, use it when you are sleeping for easier medicine. However, remember not to feed the baby just before the nebulizer treatment because the medicine may make him cough and if he has a full stomach he may vomit.

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