Outdoor Memorial Tree: Did your dad love the outdoors?

A nature lover brings something special to life. Honor forests, lakes, campgrounds, and hiking trails with your presence. He gets up early to catch catfish and cast it for the bass.

You could sit on a blind waiting for the sun to rise and listen to the sound of wings flapping in the sky. It could perch in a tree blind during deer hunting season. You can go for a walk one afternoon in late summer, when it begins to set or a calm covers the waters or a silence falls in the forest.

If your father, uncle, grandfather, brother or nephew, or even a friend, who loved to be at the lake or in the woods, has passed away, you can honor their memory and life with the gift of an outdoor memorial tree.

The story of Frank’s trees

Let me tell you a story. My uncle Frank was a nature lover and a sportsman. He loved to hunt, fish, be in nature. He took his dogs with him to our cabin in northern Wisconsin for the summer and fall.

During his day job, Frank sold insurance. But her secret life was enjoying the outdoors. We all knew that Frank was having the time of his life when he went to the northern woods to be outdoors. Dad and Frank would go fishing and enjoy the serenity of being with nature.

When her two daughters, Steph and Nat, were children, they planted two small pine trees on the little hill next to our cabin. Every summer, after driving 300 miles to the cabin, the girls would jump out of Frank’s car and run in delight to see how the trees had grown since last year. After twenty years, those pines had grown tall and took their rightful place in the northern forests.

A few years ago, Dad sold the cabin. The journey was too far; Dad was getting old and couldn’t keep up with the repairs. Another family took over. The two pines stayed on the ground with the cabin now owned by the new family.

Frank finally contracted Parkinson’s disease in the early 1970s and died. The two pine trees stood as a salute to our grandfather who built the cabin and to Frank, the father who took his daughters there.

Outdoor memorial trees make life better, just like your outdoor man

To remember a nature lover is to honor the great outdoors with a memorial tree.

Trees grow and live a long time. Trees cool the land with oxygen. Trees protect the soil from erosion, even landslides. Trees shade a family picnic and provide a home for birds to nest.

America needs more good trees just as it needs more good outdoor enthusiasts, as your loved one strove to be. Wildfires, lightning and overexploitation deplete our state and national forests. New trees bring new life and restore what was lost. Nature is renewed through new trees.

Buying an outdoor memorial tree that will grow and benefit all outdoor enthusiasts – yes, even all of us. Present an outdoor memorial tree to remember your beloved nature lover. Its leaves may have fallen; help your roots live for the new nature lovers to come.

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