Nanny Vs Nanny – What Are The Differences?

Perhaps you have had a babysitter. Maybe you are a babysitter. Did you babysit some neighborhood kids while you were in high school to earn some extra money? Did you move in with a family and become their nanny? Some people immediately know the difference between the two terms. Some may think they are interchangeable, but they are actually two quite different jobs.

Be babysitting. We probably had one when we were young, the nice little girl or boy down the street who would periodically come over when mom and dad were out and sit with us, help with homework, watch TV with us, put us to bed. As adults, we have most likely hired one to watch our children when we wanted to go out to dinner or a movie. They show up, hang out with the kids, you pay them when you get home, and you drive them home, end of story.

This is a babysitter. They babysit, they supervise the kids, but usually it’s for a specific occasion or maybe a few days after school when the parents have to work late. It is a job where the nanny can earn some money, but not one where there are taxes and legal issues to consider. Nannies are paid by the hour, they may do light housekeeping, but they are basically just there as senior supervisors for minors.

A nanny, on the other hand, is someone who is with the children for a large part of their day. They may live with the family or just come to the house every day, but they are real employees of the family. They are interested in the child’s development, her physical, mental and emotional well-being and are like secondary parents in charge.

A babysitter can take children to and from school, to activities, to games. They can prepare meals, help kids with schoolwork, schedule fun outings and excursions, and basically do what a parent would do if they were at home. Also, a nanny will be with a family for years, not just once or twice a month like a nanny does. As such, a nanny will earn a real wage, not just be paid by the hour like a nanny would, and yes, it is a profession so there are taxes and legalities to go through as well.

What’s best for your family depends on how often mum and dad are away from home, but each one is a great person to have on your ‘team of parents’.

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