Model memorandum, IRR difficulties and dependency

A soldier, who sends a packet requesting transfer to the Individual Reserve (IRR), or another component of the reserve, must submit a memorandum. This memorandum must reference the applicable Army regulation that supports the Soldier’s justification for requesting the transfer.

The following is an example of a memorandum requesting transfer to TIR; this request is for hardship reasons. This example was hastily generated. You want to generate a memo that makes a strong case. This is just an example that provides an idea of ​​how to develop the TIR Transfer Request Memorandum.

MEMORANDUM FOR Commander, 1-23 Basket Weaving Unit

SUBJECT: Individual reservation transfer request ready for SSG DRILL N. MORE

PURPOSE: Request transfer to individual reservation list due to dependency difficulties.

1. According to AR 140-10, Chapter 4, Paragraph 4-9f, Paragraph 4-11b (4) and Paragraph 4-13, voluntary reassignment due to dependency or hardship; request the reassignment of the Troop Program Unit (TPU) to the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR). Per paragraph 4-13b (1) (e), I have completed the IET, have been awarded an MOS, and am not within 3 months of ETS.

2. My specific difficulty involves my recently disabled son, Trampled S. More. During the Christmas season, Trampled S. More saved my mother-in-law’s life. Both were invaded by sleighs pulling reindeer. He neither saw nor heard these reindeer coming; they just landed out of nowhere. Without the heroic efforts of my son, my mother-in-law would have passed away. Unfortunately, he suffered permanent physical injuries. Although he recovered enough to sing about the event, his injuries left him physically disabled and unable to live independently.

3. My wife, Buysa M. More, cannot meet her needs on her own in the long term. Our closest relative lives 500 miles away. The local Department of Human Services is unable to find alternative living arrangements, assisted living, group homes, or sponsored residences that can help Trampled S. More’s quality of life. Those services now fall on me and me.

4. I have included affidavits from Dr. Justin E. Time, GP; Dr. Justa O. Quack, specialist physician; Alwise S. Nosing, social worker; and Excessive Lee Grimacing, physical therapist; to substantiate this request for the transfer of TIR due to dependency difficulties. I have also included affidavits from CPT Whip U. Work-Meister, detachment commander, and SFC Constantine F. Hammer, NCOIC detachment, who are aware of my family’s situation and who have followed the development of this difficulty.

5. The point of contact for this memorandum is the undersigned at 1 (222) 333-4444 or [email address here].

* Signature block:


[First Name] [Last Name]

[Rank] [Enlisted branch official abbreviation]




See AR 140-10, Army Reserve Assignments, Attachments, Details, and Transfers, for details on requesting IRR transfers for dependency or hardship.

* See AR 25-50, Preparation and management of correspondence, for the composition and location of the signature block. This reference also indicates how to approach the enclosures.


AR 140-10 Army Reserve Assignments, Annexes, Details, and Transfers

AR 25-50 Preparation and management of correspondence

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