Medical Marijuana – Are All Strain Types Legal in Iowa?

Medical Marijuana

You’re probably seen the Delta 8 THC legal Iowa commercial and are wondering how the company promotes the legal use of the drug for medicinal purposes. It’s a small, easy to use, high-strength cannabis strain that is used by qualified medical users in many countries as a medication for treating ailments associated with chronic pain, including spasticity and glaucoma. It can also help reduce anxiety, improve memory, decrease seizures and control mood swings. If you’re a registered medical professional with a doctor’s prescription for the treatment of debilitating medical conditions that qualify as symptoms of epilepsy or chronic pain, you may legally possess and distribute Delta8 THC. A doctor’s note must be written to your local state health department to be valid, so it’s wise to ask your local health officials for information.

There are a number of new varieties of medical marijuana strains currently on the market, some of which are Delta-8 THC legal Iowa produced. These include: FloraFlowers, Chronic Flowers, Blueberry Farm, Bubba Butter, Diesel, Emerald Turf, Hawaiian Pupil, Lemon Grass,Medicinal-grade Durum, Peach Punch, Sour Diesel, St. Paul’s, Vanilla Sky and White Knight. Some of these products are only available through a physician’s office or through a licensed grower.

Delta 8 THC Legal

Many people who are interested in using this type of medicine wonder what types of strains like Delta-8 are available. They are actually quite easy to find on the internet or in some stores where medical marijuana is sold. All of the above strains were bred specifically to contain a high amount of THC, the substance found in marijuana that causes a “high.” Most strains like the FloraFlowers, Chronic Flowers, Blueberry Farm and Diesel are a hybrid of what nature can produce, resulting in medicine that has been specifically bred for its effectiveness in reducing painful and discomforting symptoms related to diseases like arthritis.

Are All Strain Types Legal in Iowa?

In fact, the FloraFlowers is one of the few strains like the delta-9THC found outside North America. The chronic flowery plant was developed in Germany and contains only a trace amount of delta-9 THC; it would be considered endangered if found in the wild. This is important to note since most pharmaceuticals used in the U.S. contain only a trace amount of this ingredient, which is the reason why patients can get such intense side effects from taking medicinal marijuana. The strains like Diesel and St. Paul’s contain a high amount of delta-8 THC; however, they are all bred in a laboratory, resulting in an extremely potent product. No matter which strain a patient chooses from the FloraFlowers, Chronic Flowers or Blueberry Farm, it will relieve pain, calm feelings, and decrease inflammation.

The Medicinal-grade Durum cannabis comes from New Zealand and is one of the most highly sought after strains in the U.S. because it is highly effective at treating Crohn’s disease and other digestive ailments. It is also considered an appetite suppressant. This medicine has been shown to reduce weight in some trials, though it is unknown if the weight loss occurs solely due to the medicine or if the drug is simply causing the body to burn fewer calories. Durum does not have residual effects once stopped, which makes it one of the best choices for medical cannabis users. St. John’s Wort, another popular strain, is the strongest chemical in the medicine with only trace amounts of delta-9 THC left in it. St. John’s Wort is often recommended by doctors to help patients who suffer from depression, post traumatic stress disorder, and other psychological disorders.

All three strains of this medicinal cannabis can be purchased legally in Iowa through a program called the Emerald Compact, which allows producers of herbal medicine to legally grow and sell plants like the FloraFlowers and the Medjuck crop. Medical marijuana users in Iowa can use one of these three strains as treatment for their illnesses; however, being a U.S. state, marijuana is illegal without a license. However, since marijuana is not considered a dangerous or addictive drug, it may be legalized in the future and taxed like alcohol. Currently, only two states, Colorado and Washington, have legalized the production and sale of marijuana for medical purposes.

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