Make a boy fall in love: 2 easy steps to make him fall in love with you

Would you like to attract the attention of a guy and make him fall in love with you? Do you want a guy to go from being a little interested in you to being crazy in love with you? Why do some girls seem to be able to demand attention naturally? You are not alone if you want the answers to these confusing questions. Keep reading and you will learn what things you can do to make a boy fall in love with you.

Men can be very frustrating when it comes to matters of the heart. It’s hard to know what they want or even if they want to be in a relationship. It’s even more frustrating to know that men generally know what they want and don’t play around with it. This is a good thing though, because it’s being sure of what you want that will eventually make a guy fall in love with you.

Guys don’t always keep up with women when it comes to relationships. In fact, they generally move very slowly. However, you should not confuse this with fear of commitment. It just means that they are a little slower to catch up on the emotions that women exhibit. If you try to push him too hard, he will freak out and run away. Or it will make him tense and then you will have to try harder to make him want to be with you and that will be even more frustrating.

So first you have to slow down and let your guy catch up on where you are, emotionally. Allow him the time he needs to bond with you and develop a strong friendship. This is the time when you should enjoy your new romance because the beginning, while scary, can often be the most exciting time as well.

To speed things up a bit, try actively participating in some of their interests. By participating with him in the things he enjoys, he will fear commitment to you less and will make him more relaxed. He will also appreciate your efforts to get to know him.

You should also try to delay the sexual part of your relationship. This will allow your friendship to develop and grow, which will be a good foundation if you want longevity. If you two have already hit the sheets, you can still slow it down a bit.

By following these simple tips, you can work on your emotional connection and friendship. As a result, you can get a guy to fall in love with you and eventually commit to your relationship.

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