IL ACL Coagulation Analyzers

IL ACL coagulation analyzers are used for research applications in hospital clinical laboratories, doctor’s offices, healthcare facilities, and small laboratories. These models of coagulation analyzers are uniquely designed to offer optimum efficiency in coagulation testing.

IL ACL coagulation analyzers available in different models

Manufactured by Instrumentation Laboratory IL, ACL coagulation analyzers are available in a variety of models including IL-ACL 100, IL-ACL 200, IL-ACL 1000, IL-ACL 3000, IL-ACL 6000, IL-ACL 7000 and IL – ACL Futura. All of these models are packed with innovative features to deliver maximum performance in medical research laboratories. The ACL 100 is considered a perfect choice for low-volume jobs and can even be used as a back-up analyzer.

Innovative features for better performance and accurate results

Different models of IL ACL coagulation analyzers can be used to provide coagulation assays including PT-fibrinogen, TT, factors, APTT, Protein S, Protein C, and many other laboratory tests. These teams can analyze samples in single, duplicate, batch and single menus. They are capable enough to produce accurate results for four samples in a minimum duration of 10 minutes, allowing up to 24 test results and an additional 32 optional calculations.

For enhanced functionality, these coagulation analyzer models are incorporated with additional features including direct tube sampling capability, automated sample dilution, random scheduling, and many more. With the help of the barcode reader built into the equipment, you can conveniently verify patient identification codes. These analyzers can even produce results on calculated parameters or as direct hemostatic measurements.

Buy only from a trusted dealer

To benefit from the innovative features of IL-ACL coagulation analyzers, you need to find a trusted distributor in the industry. These distributors can provide the correct model to suit your specific laboratory applications and it is available at affordable prices. To provide customers with greater convenience, many of the dealers also offer facilities for online shopping.

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