How to Get Internet in Vietnam With Unlimited Data ESIM

Vietnam With Unlimited Data ESIM

If you’re travelling to Vietnam for your holiday and want to keep up with your social media, email, or chat apps, having a data-only SIM card is the best way to avoid the high roaming charges. If you have a phone contract from your mobile network provider, however, this is often limited to use only within your home country (or the EU, if it’s an EU contract). This means that whenever you travel abroad, the so-called ‘roaming charges’ apply and you pay extra for each MB you consume outside of your own network.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution to this: the tourist eSIM for Vietnam. These are digital SIM cards that can be purchased on the internet and installed on your smartphone before you travel. They offer much cheaper local rates than your normal network provider, and you don’t even need to remove your regular SIM card.

In just 2 minutes on the web you can have a data-only esim in vietnam and get connected as soon as your plane lands. The best thing is that you can choose from different providers with varying data packages, durations and prices. Some of them come with a free starter package of 1 GB and others have up to 30 days worth of data.

How to Get Internet in Vietnam With Unlimited Data ESIM

You can easily install the eSIM on your smartphone, either through the website of some brands (like Holafly) or in the app of some other brands (Truphone). You just have to scan a QR code to activate it and then your new digital prepaid eSIM for Vietnam is ready to go. In some cases, you also need to provide the SM-DP+ ADDRESS & ACTIVATION CODE provided with your eSIM package.

After you have added the eSIM, make sure that your primary SIM card is disabled and that the ‘Data Roaming’ option in your eSIM settings is turned on. You’re now ready to start exploring Vietnam without worrying about overspending on data roaming! If you do want to add a phone number, simply go to your eSIM settings, label your eSIM, and turn its voice and texting functions on. Once you’re done, you can always check your balance in the eSIM settings.

Keep in mind that the eSIMs we recommend (SimOptions, Airalo and Asia Link) are all compatible with almost any mobile device made since 2019. However, you must have a smartphone that’s able to support eSIMs and has a dual SIM tray. The most popular smartphones that can accept eSIMs include the iPhone models 11 through 14, iPads and many Samsung, Google Pixel and Huawei phones. Check here for a full list of compatible devices. You should also check that your phone is unlocked, as a locked mobile phone won’t be able to use an eSIM. If you’re not sure, please contact your mobile network provider for assistance.

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