How to become a legend in bed for your woman

When relationships last a while, there is a danger that they will stagnate. If you don’t take things into your hands soon, there’s always the risk of monotony creeping in, something you can really do without. If this is also happening with your relationship, here are some of the tips you can use and who knows, you might as well become a legend in bed!

be unconventional

Everyone routinely has sex, even dogs and rabbits. And all other men do too. If you want to be different, if you want to become a legend, you will have to do things differently. Now this is personal and depends on what you and your woman like, but common things you might want to use are sex toys, leather clothing, fetish sex and the like. Explore what her woman’s interests are and practice them with her. If you do it right, she won’t quickly forget you.

go all the way

Don’t let sex be just sex. Get ready for it. Think about it a bit. You may want to indulge her with a candlelit dinner, a scented bed adorned with flowers, music that suits her mood, and gift her with excellent lingerie. Women love all these things and value them highly.

Take care of yourself

How good you are in bed depends on how well you take care of yourself. Depends on how presentable you are making yourself to your woman. Includes your hygiene. Take a shower before you get close to her and put on some deodorant. It is a great idea to keep your armpit and even your intimate area shaved. It’s a horrible experience for your wife if she performs oral sex on you and ends up with pubic hair in her mouth. Get rid of all those odors on your body: putting a mint in her mouth before kissing her is also a very appreciated gesture.

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