Get a great value vacation as now is the time to go to Iceland and save money!

One of the incredible advantages for tourists is that Iceland is incredibly different from the rest of Europe, and yet it is only a short flight away. Iceland’s main attractions are natural: stunning waterfalls, steaming geysers, dazzling glaciers and, of course, the beautiful Northern Lights.

One of the great decisions of travelers is deciding when to go to Iceland. Summers in Iceland are quite warm and winters are not as cold as you might think, although warm clothing is obviously a must. Some days can start out warm and quickly descend into a veil of fog, wind, and ice, so always come prepared for all types of weather. High season in Iceland is from June to August, so prices may be inflated at this time of year. To stay up-to-date on daily weather conditions, call the Icelandic Meteorological Office locally on 902 0600.

Some of the must-see parts of Iceland are the capital, Reykjavik, which is the northernmost capital in the world. Reykjavik is famous for its excellent nightlife, so make sure to go out after dark. During the day visit the amazing Blue Lagoon spa that makes use of the healing power of geysers and stroll through the pretty streets with their colorful buildings. More geysers and waterfalls can be seen in the Golden Circle and in the various national parks, such as Skaftafell National Park, which is the largest national park in Europe. The Westfjords are another area of ​​rugged beauty worth seeing, while the Vestmannaeyjar are a group of volcanically active islands in the south of the country. If you go to the north of Iceland, there are impressive lava fields to see. Get a good four-by-four and you’ll be able to visit all these different areas with no problem.

Among the deep discounts on offer are those from Iceland Air, which has a number of special packages. You can enjoy a Northern Lights Special (a city break including a Northern Lights search tour) for £269 from London, and this is valid until Christmas. Another good offer from Iceland Air is for the Iceland Airwaves festival. You get air tickets, hotel accommodation and concert entry fees for a cost of £369. Iceland Airwaves takes place annually from October 14-18 and includes over 100 Scandinavian and North American acts.

If you’re looking for a bargain on accommodation, the gtahotels website is now offering 70% off its normal prices at a number of hotels in Reykjavik. They have prices ranging from 36-235 euros per night in double rooms in three and four star hotels. The longer you stay, the less you pay and all hotels serve complimentary breakfast. There is also no reservation fee.

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