Flea Problems And Answers: How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Dogs And Cats

We had a big problem with fleas, we were renting a 2 bedroom flat on a plot and they hadn’t finished building the kitchen yet. When you walked into the kitchen your legs were covered in fleas, you looked like you had just put on a pair of black knee-high stockings.

We tried every product on the market that we could get our hands on, from flea powder to fumigation tablets. The fleas would subside for a few days, but before long you’d be back wearing your black knee-high flea socks. The flea infestation made our house feel grimy and dirty. I had trouble sleeping because I could feel the fleas biting me, and I felt itchy and itchy all night.

Flea powder and flea collars no longer helped the dogs.

After six months of this nightmare we had one of two options

1. Move (which was not an option at the time due to financial constraints and circumstances)
2. Burn fleas. We were contemplating how we were going to successfully implement this dangerous strategy.

Fortunately, our neighbor had visitors who found out about our desperate plans to get rid of our flea infestation problem. They suggested we use Pine Gel. He had never heard of this product and he was willing to give it a try. We found a 500ml tub of Pine Gel at a local soap store, ADA Distributors.

We dilute the 500ml tub of Pine Gel with 20 liters of water, first we wash our dogs with Pine Gel and then we spray the infested area for 3 days until we finish our 20 liters of diluted Pine Gel. What we saw was an incredible sight, when we started spraying you could see a black cloud of fleas fleeing from the Pine Gel solution. It has to be seen to be appreciated or believed, there is no other way I can describe it to you.

Needless to say, we got rid of our flea infestation and without having to take any drastic measures. Our home and our dogs have been flea free since we discovered Pine Gel. We have washed our dogs once a month with Pine Gel solution and have had no side or unwanted effects to date, we have used this product for 3 years. I hope you benefit from this information. Please read this note as I have copied it from the Product for your information so that you can make an informed decision if you decide to use this product.


Pine Gel is a thick green concentrated multi-purpose cleaner with a pleasant fresh pine scent. It can be used safely on most surfaces, but could be harmful on painted surfaces. Ideal for bathrooms, showers, toilets, walls, bathrooms, floors, tiles, counters, doors, tables, windows, shelves and many more uses. If used as a laundry supplement, check color fastness before using product.

Not to be used in food preparation areas. Use as supplied or dissolve in water. Store away from food in a cool place out of reach of children.

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