Fitness Over 60 – DIY Tips for 60+ Women to Safely Lose Weight and Stay in Shape Without Hitting the Gym

One could be fit like a violin, but age has an impact on all of us. After 60 years it is necessary to take care of your health. The biggest problem on the charts is weight loss. Women and men over 60 also can’t focus on the gym option. This is due to lack of time or some health problems. Maintaining your fitness above 60 may seem difficult, but with a few simple lifestyle changes one can achieve it.

Let’s look at some DIY tips for 60+ women to safely lose weight and stay in shape without hitting the gym.:


At this age, the best exercise is brisk walking every morning or before bed at night. You may have a group of two or three of you go for a walk together. That would keep him interested and help him stay in the routine.

Yoga and meditation are also very helpful in losing weight. These breathing techniques help you keep internally clean and stay fit by all means. They maintain their physical state from the age of 60 and help you live longer.

You can use electromagnetic massagers to stimulate your nerves and relax your body. That helps relieve pain, if any.

Stress management

Stress and strains often lead to weight gain and various other ailments. You should try to stay calm. Thinking too often leads to high blood pressure that obstructs the weight loss process.


You should not maintain hunger or choose any starvation diet to lose weight. The safest means for women over 60 is taking natural dietary supplements like acai and resveratrol. Along with the loss of ponds, they help fight all the signs of aging. They reduce wrinkles and fine lines and add a glow to your skin. They also strengthen hair and nails. Acai especially slows down your digestion problems and thus helps you shed the extra pounds quite easily.

Also, some DIY diet tips are as follows:

Instead of sugar, take apples and honey as sweeteners.

ยท Eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables in salads garnished with lemon and cayenne pepper.

Go to your medical check-ups regularly and before changing your diet, consult your doctor.

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