Edinburgh rent a house, what expenses are included in Bill?

“Some private landlords will hire bills, but intermediaries generally do not. Flat and Apartment generally have a monthly bill of around 150-230 pounds, and Edinburgh student accommodation is more expensive. Bill will be relatively high when it gets cold in winter. The water heating or electric heating in the house also has a great impact on the bill in winter, and electric heating will be relatively expensive.

Electricity, water, gas, and Internet can all be handled online, and the agent or landlord will give you the account number, and you can pay by bank transfer, mail, phone, or online every month (the Internet generally needs to be handled by yourself). There are also some House or Apartment electricity and gas payment methods that are inserted into the recharge card (much like a folding key with a chip on the front, after recharging, insert it into the card slot next to the meter and wait for three seconds to recharge).

The intermediary will give you the recharge key before check-in, and you can recharge at any convenience store. (As shown in the picture below) In general, there are relatively few houses that involve the use of gas. Most of the stoves in the UK use electric stoves, so few use open flames. It is recommended that students choose a student accommodation Edinburgh that mainly uses electricity. The price of electricity will be relatively cheap and safe.

Edinburgh rent a house, what expenses are included in Bill?

Let me explain the TV License for you: Watching live TV in the UK requires a TV license (TV License), which costs 145.5 pounds a year. When I first entered the UK, I thought this was unreasonable, but later I learned the reason through understanding. There are no commercials in British BBC programs, and there is no advertising revenue. Therefore, the government stipulates that as long as you receive TV signals, you need to apply for a TV License. The live TV broadcast mentioned here also includes watching through the Internet, as long as you watch Live. Therefore, if you watch live TV on TV or the Internet, you will receive a TV License letter.

It will tell you the payment method, due date, etc. But the students will say that it is impossible for me to buy a TV to watch at home when I study in the UK. That’s true, but watching it over the Internet also counts. Therefore, if you want to watch live TV, you must remember to buy a TV License. Don’t be lucky, as long as you watch them, there will be a record. If you do not purchase a TV License for a long time, you will be fined 1,000 pounds. Students who really want to watch the program but do not want to buy a TV License can watch the recording and broadcasting, which will not be charged. Or just look at our domestic website directly.”

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