Doing a fast food diet to lose weight? it’s the last

Let’s say you’re one of those single people with a high-end job and you never have time to cook a healthy meal at home. And if you had someone cook for you, you probably wouldn’t have the time or peace of mind to eat it. If this accurately describes the circumstances you find yourself in, how do you manage to go on a diet to lose weight? You’ve probably thought that the only kind of discipline you could ever buckle down to would be a fast food diet if such a thing existed. And now, such a thing does. As long as you know what kind of fast food to go with.

On diet forums, it’s not uncommon now to hear people claim that certain types of fast food from places like Taco Bell, like healthy tacos or burritos with only one-third the kind of fat you’d find in a regular taco or burrito plate – it really helps them lose weight. The typical story goes that a fast food diet consisting of healthy examples like these, if eaten in more than 15 meals a week, with regular exercise, can help you lose 25 to 30 pounds a year. Taco Bell, especially, is cashing in on the good publicity its healthy Fresco menu has generated by now offering these items at its drive-thru windows. You don’t even need to head inside the restaurant for these orders.

Come to think of it, the fast food diet is not such a revolutionary concept. Remember how Jared Fogle really put Subway on the map several years ago by saying that he lost over 200 pounds eating nothing but Subway food twice a day? Now there are all kinds of other restaurants jumping on the bandwagon. It could be sandwiches at Dunkin’ Donuts that remove the yolk, it could be a Panini sandwich at Starbucks, or it could be a grilled chicken sandwich from McDonald’s (which is low-calorie, but somehow not marketed that way). Subway will even be featured on the hit TV show The Biggest Loser. They’re trying to get one of their contestants who is over 300 pounds to try and lose those pounds by eating nothing but Subway food. And they are offering him hundreds of dollars for every pound he loses.

Doctors who specialize in diet and weight loss are not at all surprised. Fast food, as far as they’re concerned, gets a bad rap. There is nothing inherently wrong with it. People are crazy about fast food; if the best chefs the chains employ could find a way to keep that flavor while cutting calories, it would really help America, is what they feel. As long as people care about losing weight and staying healthy, they shouldn’t have a hard time finding healthy alternatives on the menu at any fast food chain.

Still, you have to realize that fat isn’t the only thing to consider when ordering one of these fast food menu items for weight loss. Almost all of them can contain prodigious amounts of salt. As far as the Dieting Association goes, you’re not supposed to get more than 2,500 mg of sodium a day. Come to think of it, it may be wonderful to cut back on salt for your chances of heart disease. They put what salt can do to you right next to smoking and cholesterol.

The moral of the lesson is that you could possibly go on a fast food diet to lose weight. If you are careful which healthy options on the menu you choose and make sure they don’t add salt just to make up for what the item loses in flavor from all the fat that has been removed.

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