Do personal alarms work?

If you read reviews of personal attack alarms, you’ll find that some people say the alarms aren’t loud enough. The truth is that many people misunderstand what a personal alarm is designed for. The main purpose of these devices is not to attract attention, but rather to make the attacker stop what he is doing and run away.

How loud are the personal alarms?

Most personal alarms are in the region of 110dB to 140dB. To put that in perspective, a chainsaw has 110 dB at three feet away and a jet engine has 140 dB at 100 feet away. However, sound does not travel very well through solid objects. That’s why closing the windows will partially block out the sound of traffic on the street below. This simple fact applies to alarms as well. If you turn one on, it won’t seem very loud if you’re in the next room. But, if you were to hold one close to your ear, it could damage your hearing.

How do personal alarms work then?

Thieves, muggers, and other types of criminals don’t want to get caught. They want to commit their crime and get away with it. If someone sets off a loud alarm when he is attacked, the perpetrator will be surprised, confused, and likely to worry about being caught in the act. The loud siren of an alarm can attract attention. Unfortunately, however, passers-by may not always react. This is simply because we have all gotten a bit used to hearing sirens. However, a criminal will not want to risk getting caught. So the sound will be enough to scare them off.

What about other self defense products?

There are other non-lethal self defense products that you can use. One of the most popular is pepper spray. The potential problem with pepper sprays is that you can’t take them with you everywhere. They are prohibited on commercial airlines, and pepper spray is not allowed in some public areas and buildings. If you are going on holiday abroad, you should also be aware that it is illegal to carry pepper spray in some countries.

Under what circumstances will a personal alarm not work?

Personal alarms are effective in any situation where the attacker thinks the noise may attract attention. For that reason, wearing one on a hiking trip to a remote region probably wouldn’t have the desired effect. Its effectiveness can also be limited by background noise. If you were at a rock concert, for example, you probably wouldn’t hear an alarm siren. However, in most situations, the fear that the alarm might bring help will be enough to deter an attacker.

What type of personal alarm is the most effective?

You can find personal alarms for sale in stores and online. However, they vary quite a bit in quality. Some of the very cheap models may have batteries that you cannot replace, and the batteries may not last very long. It is better to avoid very cheap devices and go with a well-known brand, such as Vigilant or Sabre. However, even personal bests will only set you back about $20.

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