Buy a Lifestyle Hotel in Tulum Mexico

So I must admit that it has always been our dream to have a hotel on the beach in a tropical country. Both my wife and I come from working, middle-class families on the East Coast of the United States. We have lived approximately fifty years working the same nine to five hours and we are ready to go.

We first visited Mexico City in the late 1990s when, ironically, American Airlines offered a very cheap flight there for about two weeks. We jumped at the chance, both of us took a short leave of absence from work and flew to Mexico just on a whim. After seeing the people, culture, and natural beauty of the country, the fascination quickly turned into an obsession.

We have continued to go to Mexico ever since and generally aim for a small town called Tulum which is close to the glorified Cancun. We tend to like Tulum for several reasons, mainly because the white sand beaches are among the best in Mexico and you very rarely see anyone on them. The small and luxurious hotels that line the coast of Tulum are perfect for us.

So it was recently, during one of our visits to Mexico, that we noticed a sign on one of the resorts that said, in English, Hotel for sale Tulum. Seeing this sign could have been the best thing that ever happened to us. From that moment on, my wife and I became intoxicated with the idea of ​​becoming hoteliers, more specifically, hoteliers in ‘hotel for sale Tulum’.

We asked at the Hotel for Sale Tulum sign and spoke to a nice man from the US who listened as we told him our story. “So we were walking along the beach,” we said, “and the sign, ‘Hotel for sale Tulum,’ appeared before us.”

In anticlimactic fashion, the Tulum hotel for sale was well above our price range at just five million dollars. But that didn’t stop our search as we searched far and wide, during many long walks along Tulum’s beaches, for a brand new Hotel for Sale Tulum sign of our own.

And then, unfortunately, last May, we found it.

My wife and I decided to quit our jobs, having saved a decent amount of money by selling many of our previously material things that we loved: our cars, our small boat, our second home. We sold everything in the name of that cartel: Hotel for Sale Tulum.

We definitely moved to Tulum just five months ago to start our new life as hotel owners in Tulum. The feeling is one of liberation and excitement, every day we wake up and see the waves crashing near the steps of the hotel. We feel absolutely comfortable meeting new guests every day and relaxing with them by the hotel pool.

Tulum is not for everyone, but for us it was a blessing. The Hotel for Sale Tulum sign certainly changed our lives: we’d probably still be in a rut without it.

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