Are James Allen Diamonds Lab Created?

James Allen Diamonds Lab Created

If you are in the market for a diamond engagement ring, you may be wondering if James Allen diamonds are lab created. If you want a diamond with the highest quality, you should consider buying one from James Allen. The diamonds offered by this jewelry brand are certified by IGI or GCAL and come in beautiful settings. James Allen also offers a lifetime upgrade policy. This means that if you change your mind about a diamond you purchased in the future, you can trade it in for a 100% credit that you can use to buy a new diamond of at least two times its value.

James Allen sells both lab created and natural earth grown diamonds. Although lab created diamonds are cheaper than natural diamonds, the stones are still certified and organically identical to the natural ones. Additionally, James Allen engagement rings are handcrafted with real diamonds and come with a certification. They also offer a design service that allows you to create your own ring.

Another great feature of james allen diamonds website is their diamond preview. You can get a 360-degree HD view of each stone listing. Some even include videos. Another benefit of James Allen’s website is the ability to inspect the stones in person, which Blue Nile is not doing.

Are James Allen Diamonds Lab Created?

James Allen is located in the heart of New York City’s diamond district. Their showroom is on the sixth floor. It is only open to appointment-only clients. At the showroom, experts examine diamonds for their purity and quality. In addition, James Allen diamonds never come blind. They also offer free engraving on most selections.

Another benefit of James Allen diamonds is that they are more affordable than comparable diamonds. However, you should consider that you’re likely to have some imperfections in the stone. Diamonds are rare and unique and should be treated as such. Make sure to research each diamond’s quality before making a purchase. Besides, you need to choose a stone that suits your lifestyle and lasts for a lifetime. James Allen has literally thousands of beautiful gemstones to choose from.

The company also offers different options in terms of metals and designs. In addition, you can choose between a solitaire ring and a halo ring. Additionally, you can choose between platinum and white gold metals, and you can even add engravings. James Allen also has a design gallery that can help you choose the perfect ring for your special someone.

There are many benefits to lab created diamonds. First, they don’t come from mines, so they’re more ethical. Another benefit is the savings. Because they don’t come from mines, lab created diamonds can cost 50% less than natural ones, which allows you to purchase a larger stone for the same price.

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