Answer to the question: Why do some Americans call the USA the greatest country on Earth?

Why do some call the United States “The greatest country in the world”?

John D. Gleissner Response

Because some of us believe it to be true. Have:

(1) The oldest written constitution in the world that enshrines and guarantees basic rights, federalism and the rule of law, which has provided free elections every two years for more than 228 years, has always advanced in the direction of inclusion and that it has been a model constitution. for other nations.

(2) A history of the defeat of colonialism, fascism, dictatorships, disease, the slave trade, slavery, legal racism, and communism. The world looks to the United States and its strong allies for leadership when the time comes to stand up to the forces of evil. America is far from perfect, but it somehow ends up on the side of prosperity, liberty, justice, innovation, and liberty.

(3) A history of leadership in the invention or development of the lightning rod, light bulb, telephone, telegraph, airplane, manufacturing, television, missiles and rockets, computer, life-saving drugs and medical devices, agricultural innovations, nuclear power, satellite communications. , hydroelectric dams, ships, bridges, aircraft, spacecraft, the transistor and a variety of different products and services; and leadership in numerous scientific disciplines.

(4) A history of creativity in literature, art, movies, television, computers, engineering, aerospace, science, athletics, business, humanities, and music.

(5) The world’s strongest economy, agricultural and military sector and a safe haven for investments from around the world. When times get tough, foreign investors vote for the United States with their money and send their assets to the United States for safekeeping.

(6) Great universities, most Nobel laureates, and an attractive destination for leading thinkers and innovators from around the world.

(7) The headquarters of the United Nations.

(8) A country that many others in the world yearn to enter. The United States debates the best ways to keep people out of the country and always has more applicants for residency than places available.

(9) A motto: In God We Trust. Providence blessed the USA with enormous natural resources and an excellent geographical position in the world. In the 20th century, the United States was said to be running out of oil and gas, and was completely dependent on the Middle East, Venezuela, and foreign nations for its oil. In the 21st century, the United States is the number one producer of oil and gas in the world.

(10) A two-party system that reduces special interests to the fewest number of political parties while preserving an adversarial political dynamic so necessary for free elections.

(11) Freedom, a diverse and talented population, opportunities and freedom.

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