A Review of the Panasonic NN-SD377S 0.8 Cu. Ft. 800 Watt Stainless Steel Microwave Oven

I recently tested the Panasonic NN-SD377S 0.8 Cu. Ft. 800 Watt Stainless Steel Microwave Oven over a four week period. I did this so that I can provide a detailed review to anyone considering purchasing this model. I usually put my regular microwave away for a trial period, but this Panasonic is a compact model and is not designed to replace a full-size unit. Instead, I put this microwave in an upstairs room to supplement our family’s regular microwave, not replace it. Here is my review.

This model is an affordable and compact unit that will set you back just under $100. Expectations must be formed accordingly. I took my new Panasonic NN-Sd377S microwave oven out of the box and examined it. It has an overall heavy and well-built feel. It looks very sleek and modern, with a stainless steel main finish accented with black. There is a control dial instead of a number pad. I would have expected it to give an old-fashioned feel to the overall look, but it doesn’t. It’s a bit small, not as big as I am accused of having in my kitchen. There is a turntable, something very useful that is not always found in compact models. Overall, this microwave oven is very stylish and aesthetically pleasing; I think it would look great in any kitchen or office.

I plugged in my new Panasonic microwave oven and noticed something strange. The cord doesn’t come out the back, unlike most appliances I’ve used. Instead, the cable is located on the right side of the unit, about 2 inches from the front. This would mean running the cord through the counter in most situations. I had an open space in the corner of my office, with an outlet on the wall to the right. This is where I decided to put the Panasonic microwave as it was not inconvenient for me to run the cord. But this is something to keep in mind if you have a specific location in mind for your new microwave.

We make a lot of popcorn in our house; that’s probably what we use this Panasonic microwave for most often. We are very pleased with the results, for the most part. The popcorn was generally well popped, with very few unpopped kernels and none burned. The only complaint is that sometimes the larger popcorn bags tend to get stuck and don’t spin too well. Making sure the bag is absolutely centered on the turntable seems to fix this problem, but if you don’t, you’re likely to burn some beans.

This unit works great for small frozen meals for one person. I also loved using it to steam vegetables while the main meal was in my full-size microwave. I was surprised how much my whole family, including myself, loved the control dial instead of the regular keyboard. Sometimes something old and simple is just better.

Overall this is a good compact microwave. It is ideal for an office or single person home, where large meals for families are never prepared. I also found that it worked quite well as a secondary microwave oven and I plan on continuing to keep it in my home. However, I wouldn’t recommend this as the only microwave in a home where large meals are often prepared for two or more people. Visit Microwave Oven Reviews for more information on this model and many more. You’ll find thousands of reviews, as well as a handy buying guide to help you along the way.

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