5 ways to make your seniors happy

As your older loved ones get older, they may feel a bit isolated. This is the time when you need to be with them and help them in any way you can. Your efforts will go a long way in keeping their health intact and making them happy. It will also help your senior’s live-in caregivers to do their job properly. Here’s a look at five easy ways to make your senior’s day.


Be sure to talk to your seniors regularly and address all of their emotional needs. Many older people tend to keep their feelings and emotions to themselves and do not want to be a burden on their families. If you notice any changes in their behavior, strike up an informal conversation with them and try to find out what is troubling them.

As your older adults get older, their self-esteem may decline. At this stage, your attitude and behavior towards them can either improve their mood or add to their misery. Consider getting your loved one a senior cell phone and teach them how to use social media and keep in touch with them.

Be available

Give your seniors the reassurance that you’re always just a phone call away. It is important that they know who to call if they suffer an injury or any other condition. As a responsible adult and caring person, you must learn to provide emergency first aid and teach your older loved one what to do in a critical situation. This will reduce your stress and anxiety.

provide groceries

Leaving the house, going to the supermarket and shopping can be a tiring experience for the elderly. You can help them by stocking their basic needs right to their doorstep, if you can. Also be sure to get them their medication refills.

Online grocery shopping has made life easier for various shoppers across the globe. Whether your senior is tech-savvy or not, it’s best to teach him how to shop for groceries online. This will save both of you the hassle.


Your elder may be going through a difficult time due to the recent loss of someone close to you. This is compounded by a rapid decline in their mental and physical abilities. For these seniors, their elderly loved one faces a high risk of depression. If your superior refuses to take medication, please be kind and considerate of them. Help them with some simple tasks to build their confidence. You can consult a psychologist for this purpose.


Seniors often fall victim to a number of online scams, such as auto insurance and health insurance fraud. You need to take some time and explain to your older loved one all the online scams out there.

Find fact sheets or any other documents you can to help them be aware of investment fraud, online identity theft, and phishing scams. If your senior uses the computer regularly, be sure to keep him or her away from scams and malware. Install a trusted antivirus on their electronic devices and teach them how to use and update it.

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